Just found these at Target yesterday. Picked up Yularen and Mace yesterday along with a repack of the 41st Elite Clone (the one with the gatling gun), but passed on the Jawas and the rest, didn't see the ARF Trooper.

These figures have a pack-in fold-up micro-catalog with some new figures from the various lines, but nothing we haven't seen to date. The new packaging feels cheap, thinner cardboard and a very small J-hook, but at least no more taped bubbles. The bottom of the bubble is reverse-welded onto the card, the rest regular welded, so it's easy to open. Visually they are boring and blank, but they do give more attention to the figure itself - if there are accessories, it works, but without they fail miserably.

Jawas looked really boring to me, their sculpts are simplistic with very little detail, even their gun accessories are smooth. Another turn-off was the shiny plastic, it just looks too out of place on a Jawa. It was an easy pass.

Commander Gree was one I thought about picking up, but I haven't liked the removable helmet clones as much as the dedicated helmet versions, and I wanted the gun from the 41st Clone which this was supposed to come with but instead comes with a different kind of big spring-loaded launcher, so I passed.

The Super Battle Droid Heavy Assault repaints the main SBD body and changes the left forearm to a gun. I don't think the left elbow bends on this one because the missile goes through the elbow, but there could be room to pull this off. The gun looked ok but seemed a little too large for my tastes. The gray paint on the panels flanking the head really make this figure look different.

The ARF Trooper wasn't there, so I can't comment.

Now, the ones I did buy...

Admiral Yularen has this line's small standard pistol, it fits into a holster on his right side, and very cleverly the holster is removable via pin. The best part of this figure is the holo-com table, it's got a lot of detail and a great sculpt and it's a realistic height even. There's also a tiny separate holo-Obi-Wan that can stand on the table, but the table itself thankfully doesn't have a hole or peg to hold it, so it looks good without. The figure itself is very slight, and comparing to the animation the figure actually looks thinner than the animation. The sculpt is good, but the rank badge on mine has a blob of glue or plastic sticking out because it's a separate piece. The ball jointed shoulders stand out a little and look a little ugly when used. The head is decent, but the paint on the hair to make him look a little older isn't entirely convincing, more like he got highlights. There's a HUGE flaw in this figure though, the feet are non-articulated and slanted slightly back, so he cannot stand straight up, only leaning forward. This figure is very mixed, but not being able to stand means that you're really buying a cool holo-com table with an Admiral Yularen accessory.

Mace Windu has lightsaber-swinging action. That means his waist is spring-loaded like a He-Man figure. Here, the travel is fairly short, and the waist can ratchet, but only 6-points so you can only really turn him to the side at 1 angle either way (it's a good angle though, perfect for looking over his shoulder or do a 2-handed saber pose). The figure has a ball-jointed neck (kinda limited up-and-down range), ball-hinge shoulders and elbows, standard wrists and standard hips. The sculpt is pretty accurate and has the right character, I like the unusual boot design, but the costume sculpt is very simple and smooth with minimal flow, I guess he has his tunic pressed on an hourly basis. Paint is pretty good but no weathering is a bummer, and the gauntlets have the same kinda thick white paint that the other Jedi figures in this line suffer. The figure also comes with removable battle armor in the form of a helmet, upper torso armor, and shoulder armor. These pieces are a dull eggshell bordering on being beige, doesn't match the sculpted forearm armor color at all. The torso armor design is like the Obi-Wan armor, it looks good by itself. The shoulder armor is thicker and impedes arm movement, it looks very bulky. The removable helmet is really good actually, it's a nice scale and fits well (although it can sit too low if you push it all the way on), it sports the standard Mace purple design which doesn't fit with the lack of purple on the other armor. Finally, Mace has his standard saber, the handle is a little too thick and the blade too dark, but it's not a bad one and it has the full painted details. All in all, it's a good figure, but not quite great.