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    New stuff at Comic Con

    Images are slowly showing up here at SSG and elsewhere. I was most excited about the funeral pyre Vader, but then I saw the tag that said it's a concept and they needed to get feedback on it. It looks great and I hope the release it!

    As for other stuff, Luminara and those individual clones in the packs are cool. In the Legacy Collection, new Cody, Leesub Sirln, and the black and white Bespin Guards are all pretty great surprises.
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    I think the Funeral Pyre set they showed is a good mock up, but it needs a lot of work before I'd buy it. Specifically, I'd want a little better than a wall of logs. The fire is about what I would expect and I'm happy with it. I couldn't tell from the pictures, but a removable helmet vader (and decent Luke) would make it a lot better.

    On to other things. It looks like they're releasing waves of figures every 2-3 weeks after between August and November (from the little cards.) Why can't they spread things out a little better? Most of the figures look great. There are a few I could live without, but I'll probably buy them anyway.

    The one I'm most pleased with is the R2 that seems to have a non-chromed dome. Finally.

    I'm surprised they're revisiting the AT-AT driver so soon. Is this a repack?

    There are a few I've never even heard of and I can't see them being huge sellers.

    There are others like the Jawas, Ewoks, and Bespin guards that seem like no-brainers for buying.

    I like the build a droids I've seen so far.

    The exclusives, for the most part, seem really overpriced (they always are) but I'll be happy to get a few of them. The exceptions would be the Octuparra and V-wing that seem priced about right.

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    I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of new stuff they are showing. It seems so many years we would just see a new repaint wave or something.

    The Saurin, Leesub, the Jawa with droid, and the Black Bespin Guard are the stand outs for me.

    I will buy the new Dewback.

    I think I'd buy the Funeral Pyre if it is sold some day.

    Giran is a nice surprise.

    Fun day!

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    I thought they said they'd never do McQuarrie boxed sets?

    I can't wait to see what other surprises we might see!

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    Actually, I recall them saying a boxset would be the way they would want to get those figures back out there..

    I'm pretty surprised by funeral pyre Darth Vader, I never thought they would do that.

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    Woohoo! Giran!

    Looks like I don't need to list my Tatooine Skiff on Ebay after all. When rumors of Kithaba turned out to be false and then we saw photos of that Nikto Sail Barge Gunner being passed off as a Skiff Guard, I kind of lost hope and gave up that we'd ever see any new Skiff Guards made. I was actually getting ready to list my Skiff last week (with a $0.99 starting bid), but changed my mind at the last minute because I thought I should wait to see what showed up in SDCC. I'm glad I did wait, now.

    Hopefully we'll see some better photos of the Nikto Gunner soon too.

    Leia and the Ewoks seem to be suffering greatly by being the hand painted samples. Hopefully the production figures turn out better. I really want to see what Leia looks like in her reclining pose though.

    DS2 Luke looks a little too bulky in the chest area.

    I'm pretty excited about Ten Nunb and it makes me glad that I passed him up last year in the Evolutions set. We finally get to see the screen accurate version.

    Pruneface looks great, but I've never been his greatest fan. I'll still pick him up just to support more ROTJ aliens.

    Looking forward to the new AT-AT Driver, even though he looks to be a bit on the scrawny side. As long as there isn't a Jango head hiding under that helmet then I'm happy.

    Zuckuss looks nice so far too, but seems to be missing the front part of his robe.

    Really excited about the new Dewback and I'm liking the new Stormtrooper helmet sculpt. It seems to be more accurate to the "stunt" version of the ANH helmets.
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    double post
    Last edited by bigbarada; 07-22-2009 at 11:12 PM. Reason: so good I had to say it twice....
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    Skiff guards really look great

    Bespin Guard = cool

    Rancor keeper = why

    At-at driver = cool, but surprising

    The classic stuff looks cool overall

    The Eu figures = I dont get the love

    The new Leia has potential. the new Jedi luke is still pretty mediocre to me, so pass there...some of the concept stuff is interesting...

    Zuckuss will look great, once the soft good robe is on him properly. Funeral Pyre Vader is pretty cool, I must say....

    Imperial Scanning crew member looks really cool - I like pretty random imperials, and they always look good...

    Great pics, thanks for the hard work with them!!!!
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    Well so far my want list is

    Pirate Ki Adi Mundi
    New Jawa
    YVH-1 (if i can trade for the parts, too many droids i want got butchered to build-a-models)
    Concept SnowTrooper
    HK-50( same as YVH-1...though i can';t even get HK-47 so far)
    Funeral Pyre Vader
    Kyle Katarn/Vong comic pack
    Krayt/Dare Comic Pack
    Lumiya Comic Pack
    Ulic/Exar comic pack

    Concept Art IG88
    Plo Koon (close to the clone wars one)
    Slave Leia
    Tholme/T'ra Saa comic Pack

    I would get but still angered at paint jobs: Jango 2 Pack (still purple) Corran Horn 2-pack (should be green suited)
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    Finally I can get back on SSG and see more great new pictures!

    Some very cool surprises in there - headset Chewie, Hrchek Sal Fas, Zuckuss, the partly cloth Jawa, the new Cody, Giran. Some weird stuff as well, like those concept figures; the Snowtrooper looks a lot like Durge, and IG-88 looks like some old 50s robot, and I don't recall seeing either in art form.

    Also, I hope that R2-X2 is just a build-a-droid, since they made the black version in those Entertainment Earth sets already and it looks to be the mold from the BAD droids (albeit n a new olive color scheme, since there was a droid like that being lowered into an X-wing, so I'm happy they're doing it at all).

    I wonder what's up with the two Utai? I guess it will be a running change.

    Maskless Plo Koon is interesting, but I feel like they covered the double lightsaber gauntlet well on the Clone Wars version already.

    Jedi Luke doesn't look particularly great, so hopefully the actual figure would be better; it's nice to have the binders, at least.

    The chest hair on Malakili is interesting - the figure looks good, but I just hope it doesn't pegwarm as badly as Yarna.

    I LOVE the ROTJ BADs; they both were given new names, I think, but they're awesome.

    The AT-AT Driver feels a bit unnecessary, since the 2006 one is pretty great.

    The inside of the Scanning Crew Member's box looks really cool.

    I like the comic pack clones, and the other stuff looks pretty good, if unfamiliar to me.

    The Clone Wars FREECO Speeder looks awesome! This would have been a good opportunity for some Orto Plutonia gear figures, but whatever.

    The Tank Droid looks stellar with the paint.

    I didn't notice Ahsoka's starfighter at first since the colors are so similar to Obi-Wan's. Still, it looks sweet.
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