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Thread: Does he eat?

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    Does he eat?

    Does the evil lord Darth Vader eat anything and if so what does he eat.

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    well, he's dead, so his eating days are probably over.

    Or, if you prefer, he's a hormone-enraged teenager with the hots for Queen Amidala, so he may be [DELETED!!! - Last warning SWAFMAN, NO MORE NAUGHTY POSTS!]

    Or you could say that he's a fictional character - he doesen't actually eat anything.
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    Re: Does he eat?

    Originally posted by mandy
    Does the evil lord Darth Vader eat anything and if so what does he eat.
    There is mention in I believe the book that came with the 12" Anakin figure that there is a feeding tube in his helmet. And I am sure that in the confines of his pressurized rejuvination chamber where he can remove his helmet that he eats. After all he's still a biological entity that requires food. You may wanna check out the Star Wars: Technical Commentaries website. It has a whole section on Vader. Here is the link, and I'll post a section of info about what you wanted to know.

    Mouth, feeding and speech.
    Flashed images of Lord Vader's skeleton in Return of the Jedi hint that he still possessed teeth, although it is possible that they're bent inwardly somewhat. Shadows of the Empire explicitly reveals his teeth, which he gnashes in anger at one point when he is being humiliated by the Emperor in the presence of his rival, Prince Xizor. In the same instance Vader has thoughts about biting off his tongue and swallowing it.

    This implies that he is still capable of chewing and consuming food in the ordinary fashion. Although he sat at a banquet table in Cloud City in The Empire Strikes back and he held a drink on one occasion in the Death Star conference room in the novelisation of A New Hope it is unknown whether he has any mechanism which will allow him to eat while masked. It seems most likely that he only takes nourishment while unmasked in the privacy and safety of his medical chamber. We can assume that his chambers also provide facilities to deal with the other end of his alimentary process.

    Vader was able to speak even when unmasked shortly before the destruction of the second Death Star. The weakness of his voice was probably partly due to his breathing difficulty and the internal mortal wounds and damage to his cybernetic systems inflicted by the Emperor. Vader's voice might have been weak even under normal circumstances, due to his permanent breathing difficulties. His voice (and incidentally the sound of his breathing) ordinarily was amplified by a microphone in the breath-mask.
    Hope that answers your questions, and I suggest everyone give a read thru the technical commentaries. Real intresting information can be found there. Remember it's not all official Lucas cannon, but most of it makes perfect sense.

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    He probably still eats imported bantha and those frog things that jar-jar was trying to eat. Were they not the popular dish back in tatooine?


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