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    When Will You Stop?

    So the Comic Con pics got me excited about the future of SW figures, and yet there are still many figures that have yet to be done right (i.e. most Lukes, Solos, Leias, and 3POs) or due for an update (e.g. Gamorean Guards, Jaba with throne and better eye sculpt).

    If you had only 10 more figures to collect (for EVAR)--either figures coming soon, ones you haven't purchased yet, or yet to be made sculpts--who would they be? Why don't you have them, or when will will you have them?

    My order in priority:
    1. ANH Solo: missed the VOTC release.
    2. DS2 Luke: future looks bleak, maybe funeral pyre Vadar has potential?
    3. TPM Obi-Wan: later this summer!!!
    4. Gamorean Guard: one with more articulation.
    5. Reclining Leia slave: not too thrilled with forthcoming fig, but I'll get it.
    6. Wicket: Ewok sculpts have improved and POTF Wicket is too big!
    7. Any descent AOTC Padme: no descent sculpt has been done.
    8. Lando skiff: missed OTC release.
    9. ROTJ Emperor: the Power of the Force is the only good one.
    10. Bespin Luke: not the VOTC figure.
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    1-4: Yuuzhan Vong warriors. Not talking the monstrosities that Hasbro is going to release with Kyle Katarn and try to pass off PotF2 proportions as the warrior.
    5) Ulic Qel-Droma (coming soon)
    6) Exar Kun (coming soon)
    7) Nomi Sunrider (have made a custom, but never made)
    8) A super articulated Bespin Jacketed Han Solo
    9) Tsvong Lah (different armor, mask/helmet of command and with interchangable Radaank claw arm)
    10) Any Luke Skywalker with a decent/accurate head from the films (the comic versions are ok/better).
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    Well, I own about 950 separate SW figures, I said once I got to 1000, I might end. So, in around 50 purchases or so, I'll have to decide.

    As far as my "last 10" figures? Hmm. There'd be some EU characters, sure. Can't think of specifics right now.
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    I've mostly already given it up aside from the occasional figure, I've averaged probably about 2 a month this year. However, the final 10 figures I'd get before not buying any ever again? Hmm...

    1. Kyle Katarn (upcoming)
    2. Dark Trooper BAF (upcoming - though don't know how I'll go about getting that)
    3. Jan Ors (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) [not made]
    4. Jerec (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) [not made]
    5. Sariss (Dark Fores 2: Jedi Knight) [not made]
    6. 8t88 (Dark Fores 2: Jedi Knight) [not made]
    7. Yun (Dark Fores 2: Jedi Knight) [not made]
    8. Boc (Dark Fores 2: Jedi Knight) [not made]
    9. Clone Jet Trooper (Star Wars: Battlefront) [not made]
    10. Dash Rendar (new sculpt) [not made]
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    I'll probably never stop, though the number of purchases will drop (and is dropping) significantly as years pass and holes in the collection are filled.

    My 10 would be

    1 & 2: Tonnika Sisters

    3: SA Hoth Leia

    4: SA Admiral Piett

    5: "Old Guy" Rebel in first shots of Tantive IV battle (ANH)

    6: Sim Aloo

    7: Owen Lars (resculpt, ANH)

    8: Bannis Keeg (Duro, ANH)

    9: SA Gamorrean Guard

    10: SA Admiral Ackbar

    I can honestly say that I'd be happy if the line ended after that.

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    I really couldn't come up with a list of 10 "this is all I need at this point" figures. Fact is I'll be in this till they stop because in my ideal world I'd have every cantina and jabbas palace denizen down to the most blink&miss appearance. Any OT non-core character that hasn't been done really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker View Post
    9. Clone Jet Trooper (Star Wars: Battlefront) [not made]
    How does that one differ from this one?
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    The Clone armor in the first one was of the AOTC design, the sequel game (which that figure is made from) had Clone armor of the ROTS design. As well, the Jet Trooper in the first game had green rank coloring rather than the 501st deco.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    I doubt I will ever quit completely, even if Hasbro were to stop production. But space is going to force me to cut back sooner or later. I have almost 2,400 figures and over 100 vehicles to display. Even if I display everything loose its going to take up a huge amount of room.

    Heres my top 10:

    1. Dr. Evazan
    2. Admiral Piett
    3. Owen Lars
    4. Bespin Han
    5. Tarkin
    6. SA Tie Pilot
    7. Tonnika Sisters
    8. Funeral Padme
    9. Funeral Vader
    10 SA Snowtrooper Cmdr

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