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    Fans Choice, your top 30 lists

    We're going to run our Fans Choice poll with 2 different methods, and then use both at the end either by combining them or something to that effect. The first will be very straightforward, simply hit us with your top 30 from all Star Wars. That's it.

    They must be numbered so they can be properly ranked, I suggest using the numbered list button in the editor window, I'll give you an example of which in the next section...

    So, here are the figures which are off-limits as per Lucasfilm demand, if you include them they will be thrown out of the results:

    1. Tonnika Sisters (either)
    2. any character based on George Lucas himself.
    3. Grebleips (the ET senators)
    4. Tyvokka
    5. any live-action character from the Holiday Special

    Everything else is fair game so long as it is a figure. If you include a Clone Wars figure, be advised that Hasbro says it will be done as an animated figure, everything else will be realistic.

    That's it, post your top 30 lists before August 21st, and please also participate in our upcoming alternate Fans Choice poll series.

    A few notes from the tallymaster to ensure your vote gets properly counted:

    1. For people voting for Padmé characters, it would be helpful to use the outfit names listed on Or try these:

    2. On some characters it might be helpful to list the name first, such as Han Solo Bespin and Luke Jedi as opposed to Bespin Han Solo or Jedi Luke. That will make it a little easier for us to group the figures.

    3. Pictures or links might be useful on some more obscure background or EU figures. If we plug your vote into the Wookieepedia search field and can't find what you are referring to, or come across multiple possibilities, then we may not know what exactly you are voting for.

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    Cool, I wish I had seen this before I posted my thread in the Dear Hasbro section. You guys can delete that if you deem it necessary.

    My list:
    1. Kithaba
    2. Barada (SA resculpt)
    3. Gamorrean Guard (SA resculpt)
    4. Admiral Ackbar (SA resculpt)
    5. Weequay (SA resculpt)
    6. Vedain (Nikto Skiff Driver)
    7. Wooof (vintage Klaatu)
    8. Weequay Skiff Master
    9. Velken Tezeri (human skiff guard)
    10. Chukha Trok (Ewok Warrior from The Ewok Adventure)
    11. Kaink Ewok Priestess
    12. Y-Wing Pilot (grey flightsuit from ROTJ)
    13. SA Carbonite Block/Jabba's Palace Rescue/Battle at the Pit of Carkoon/First-Half of Return of the Jedi Han Solo
    14. SA C-3PO (shiny gold, but no vac-metalized coating)
    15. Cantina Band Member (SA resculpt with all five instruments and a stool for sitting)
    16. Ponda Baba (SA resculpt)
    17. Dr. Evazan
    18. Bom Vimdim
    19. Mon Calamari Officer (SA resulpt)
    20. Wicket resculpt
    21. Klaatu Skiff Guard (from the prisoner Skiff - this is NOT Yotts Orren, Wooof, or Giran)
    22. Nikto (SA resulpt of the vintage figure)
    23. Gailid (human skiff guard from second skiff, yellow jumpsuit)
    24. Sgt. Doallyn
    25. Human skiff guard from the second skiff (partially shirtless and wearing armor, similar in garb to Velken Tezeri)
    26. Ishi Tibb (SA resculpt)
    27. Sim Aloo (vintage Imperial Dignitary)
    28. Cane Adiss
    29. SA Lando Skiff
    30. SA Jedi Luke (with robe, lightsaber, and three interchangeable right hands: normal, blasted, gloved)
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    Ok, here's mine....

    3. DAR WAC
    4. WOOOF
    6. KITHABA
    8. WALD
    9. GEEZUM
    10. YOXGIT
    11. TEEK
    13. HONKA
    16. WAKS TRODE
    20. BOLES ROOR
    21. MAWHONIC
    22. REEGESK
    24. SIM ALOO
    25. LAMPAY FAY
    26. TEY HOW
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    1. Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (resculpted, not the overly muscled PotF2 figure they're trying to pass off in the upcoming comic pack)
    2. Captain/Admiral Pelleon
    3. Tsvong Lah
    4. Nom Anor (unmasked, Yuuzhan Vong)
    5. Dr. Evazan
    6. Ponda Baba
    7. Shada Dukul (Mistryl Shadow Guard, also gets around Tonnika sister issue & there are reference pictures out there)
    8. Bom Vimdin
    9. Tzizvvt
    10. Mosep Binneed
    11. Reegesk
    12. Pello Scrambas
    13. Solomahal
    14. Arleil Schous
    15. Danz Borin
    16. Melas
    17. Rycar Ryjerd
    18. Swilla Corey
    19. Jaina Solo, Sword of the Jedi (something in her late 20s?)
    20. Jacen Solo, Darth Caedus
    21. Bespin Han Solo
    22. Lowbacca
    23. Zekk, Jedi Knight (Dark Nest Trilogy or later)
    24. Gamorrean Guard
    25. Woof
    26. Noghri (generic)
    27. Garm Bel-Iblis
    28. Nomi Sunrider
    29. Thon of Ambria
    30. Arca Jenth
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    1. Bom Vimdin, Advoze, cantina
    2. Vintage Palace Klaatu (Wooof)
    3. Reegesk the Ranat, cantina
    4. Shasa Tiel, Jabba's Palace Ishi Tibb
    5. Taym Dren-Garen, the human guard that shot Luke on the Sail Barge
    6. Sgt. Doallyn, Jabba's Palace
    7. Sim Aloo, vintage Imperial Dignitary
    8. Lumat the Ewok
    9. Cliegg Lars
    10. Kitster
    11. Wald
    12. Emperor Palpatine announcing the formation of the Empire resculpt
    13. Rycar Ryjerd, little person from the cantina
    14. Dr. Evazan resculpt
    15. Garouf Lafoe, cantina snitch
    16. Gamorrean Guard resculpt that can hold a staff to bar Luke's entry
    17. Oola that has alternate legs to sit on Jabba's throne like new Leia
    18. A New Hope Uncle Owen resculpt
    19. Sy Snootles resculpt based on the original edition, not Special Edition
    20. Banniss Keeg, Duros, cantina
    21. Solomahal, Cantina
    22. Mosep, Cantina
    23. Defel, Arleil Schous, wolfman cantina
    24. Lirin C'arn, Bith from cantina sitting in cantina, not in band
    25. Melas, special edition pipe smoking lizard, cantina
    26. Tzivvt, cantina fly
    27. Worrt, eats fly outside Jabba's Palace
    28. Hoover the Attark, Jabba's Palace
    29. Cane Adiss, Jabba's Palace
    30. White Bespin Guard with mustache like vintage figure

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    01. Noghri (generic commando)
    02. Padme Nightgown (AOTC)
    03. Padme Loyalist Commitee (AOTC)
    04. Cliegg Lars
    05. Tey How
    06. Daultay Dofine
    07. Jocasta Nu
    08. Queen Jamilla (AOTC)
    09. Midwife Droid (ROTS)
    10. Queen Amidala - black dress Post-Senate
    11. Joruus C'Boath
    12. Gilliard Palleon (pref. Imperial Captain's rank, HTTE novels)
    13. Captain Panaka (SA, softgoods, removeable hat)
    14. Senator Amidala "Declaration of Galactic Empire" (ROTS)
    15. Nomi Sunrider
    16. Nom Anor
    17. Guri (red/black dress, SOTE)
    18. Anakin Solo (NJO novels)
    19. Darth Sidious (Yoda Duel - ROTS)
    20. Padme Amidala (Senate Landing Platform, Leia hair buns - ROTS)
    21. Ysanne Isaard, head of Imperial Intelligence
    22. Leia Organa-Solo (pregnant Jedi Apprentice from HTTE)
    23. Corran Horn Jedi Knight (NJO novels)
    24. Kyp Durron Rogue Jedi Master (NJO novels)
    25. Senator Tiikes - Quarren Separatist Council Member from Mon Calamari
    26. Rogwa Woodrata - Separatist Council Member
    27. Kitster
    28. Bom Vimdim - Mos Eisley Cantina
    29. Wooof - Jabba's Palace
    30. Tenel Ka Djo - one-armed Jedi Apprentice, NJO era

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    So, here are the figures which are off-limits as per Lucasfilm demand, if you include them they will be thrown out of the results:
    • any live-action character from the Holiday Special
    Not to nitpick, but can you clarify whether that includes Chewbacca's family (Ittichitkuk, Mallatobuck, and Lumpawarump), as all three have appeared in other media?

    And, since the exclusion of Tyvokka seems to be Lucasfilm's retconning all Wookiee Jedi out of existence (or at least the spotlight), would this mean votes for Lowbacca (Chewie's Jedi nephew) would be discarded as well?
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    Lightbulb My fan poll submissions

    #1 Jocasta Nu - the fact that Hasbro said they wouldn't make her in a recent QNA, tops the cake

    #2 Cane Adiss - a strange looking Jabba alien, otherwise unlikely to be made

    #3 Taym Dren-Garen - Human Skiff Guard, unlikely to be made otherwise

    #4 Jaxxon - early Marvel character

    #5 Queen Jamilla - another unlikely to be made figure otherwise

    #6 Queen Apailana - another unlikely to be made figure otherwise

    #7 Valance the Hunter - another obscure Marvel character

    #8 Teek - Ewoks Movie

    #9 Princess Kneesa - Ewoks cartoon show

    #10 Tey How - Neimoidian Communications Officer, coolest Neimoidian

    That's it. I'm just going for 10.

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    1. Cane Adiss
    2. Mon Calamari Dancer
    3. Loje Nella
    4. Revwien (Ron Cobb concept)
    5. Kal'Falnl C'ndros
    6. Eeusu Estornii
    7. Veedaaz Awmetth
    8. Jess
    10. Attark
    11. Tzizvvt
    12. Solomahal
    13. Sy Snootles (original puppet version)
    14. Arleil Schous
    15. Melas
    16. Wam Lufba
    17. Shasa Tiel
    18. Reegesk
    19. Laudica
    20. Edcel Bar Gane
    21. Rogwa Wodrata
    22. Wiorkettle
    23. Treva Horme
    24. Toonbuck Toora
    25. Guri (red dress outfit from SOTE)
    26. Geezum
    27. Ark "Bumpy" Roose
    28. Elan Mak
    29. Aldar Beedo
    30. Ben Quadinaros
    Most wanted "bottom-of-the-barrel scrapes": ANH: Kal'Falnl C'ndros, Revwien (concept art), Tzizvvt ESB: Wiorkettle, Treva Horme ROTJ: Cane Adiss, Loje Nella TPM: Edcel Bar Gane AOTC: Rogwa Wodrata ROTS: Mon Calamari Dancer, Veedaaz Awmetth, Eeusu Estornii EU: Guri (red outfit), Ket Maliss

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    1. Thall Joben - Droids
    2. Horville - Ewoks cartoon
    3. Jord Dusat - Droids
    4. Kea Moll - Droids
    5. Tig Fromm - Droids
    6. Vlix - Droids
    7. Sise Fromm - Droids
    8. Assassin Droid - Droids
    9. 2-1B Medical Droid (tan color scheme) - Droids
    10. Proto-One - Droids
    11. Admiral Screed - Droids
    12. Jann Tosh - Droids
    13. Mining Droid - Droids
    14. Mon Julpa - Droids
    15. Jessica Meade - Droids
    16. Zelakesh Spacer - Droids
    17. Mungo Baobab - Droids
    18. KT-10 - Droids
    19. Gaff - Droids
    20. LIN-D - Droids
    21. Wicket - Ewoks cartoon
    22. Princess Kneesaa - Ewoks cartoon
    23. Latara - Ewoks cartoon
    24. Malani - Ewoks cartoon
    25. Teebo - Ewoks cartoon
    26. Dulok - Ewoks cartoon
    27. R2-D2 - Droids
    28. C-3PO - Droids
    29. Chief Chirpa - Ewoks cartoon
    30. Logray - Ewoks cartoon


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