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    Clone Wars 2-packs

    I have some questions about the upcoming 2 packs shown at Comic-Con:

    Captain Rex & Clone Trooper Fives - Is the Rex a repack and if so which Rex is this going to be, the retail one, or the mail-in one?

    Commander Cody & Clone Trooper Echo - Are Cody & Echo repacks?

    Commander Thire & Rys - Is Thire a repack?

    Yoda & Jek - Is Yoda a repack?

    If Thire and Yoda are repacks, then I just wont bother buying the single carded ones .
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    Rex is a repack, and since none of the clones feature the paint wash battle damage anymore, it's like both the mail-away and the basic carded figure. Cody and Echo are also repacks, but with fewer accessories. Thire and Yoda both look like repacks, and I think that Jek is also coming as a single carded figure, but maybe without one of the guns. The Yoda in the set doesn't look to include the cane, but it's the same one from the 2008 Yoda, so you're not missing out.

    So, in short, Fives and Rys are the only figures that are truly exclusive to these sets.
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    Anyone know when these sets are suppose to hit retail? I'm actually looking forward to picking all of them up...

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    picked up the Clone 2 packs of Rex and Fives, Thire and Rys, and Yoda and Jek...passed on Cody and Echo as they are just straight repacks of the already existing figures.
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    I got the Ambush ones a few days ago but didn't see the Rookies ones. Apparently, Thire has slightly different paint between this and the carded versions (the carded one is on the right). I don't think I care enough to get the carded one as well. Yoda is a much lighter shade than the basic one, and I think this one is more accurate, if a little lime-y.
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    Could some one pick up a set for me...ill pay for shipping and of course for the sets too. I just want the one with thire for now. It would be great if some one could help me out.


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