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Thread: August Hauls!

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    Cool August Hauls!

    New month, new hauls. Post 'em here!

    Clone Wars
    Commander Gree
    Clone Trooper Denal
    Cad Bane
    Ahsoka Tano (space suit)
    Anakin Skywalker (space suit)

    Also picked up some acrylic panels for a display box and some silicon adhesive sealant to glue it together!
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    Hasbro Iron Man Torpedo Armor x2
    Mattel Star Trek 6" Dr. McCoy (Cadet Uniform) x1
    DST Star Trek Captain Pike with Command Chair x2
    DST Star Trek Captain Kirk with Command Chair x1 (WNMHGB)
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    Russ Replicas Terminator CPU Chips: regular with stand and damaged (painted red - inside the flask). The chips are made of solid brass.
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    Commander Ponds
    JLU The League United set, Mutiny in the Ranks set
    Secret Wars Captain America/Klaw
    Toy Story Movie Collectibles Woody, Hamm

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    w/Capt Kirk F. on the starship Hawkeye
    Pocket Screw Jig.
    Star Wars & GI Joe Customs
    HAVES: HK-50 Head, Capt Typho & GI Joe fodder available still
    Wants:L8-L9 Head, YVH-1 Complete (as possible),R7-T1 Complete (as possible),R7-Z0 Complete (as possible)

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    Old WWF Wrestling Chalenge board game
    Coasters from London
    GC to Old Navy

    some early b-day gifts
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Comic-Con hauls:
    - 1 cold
    - Mythbusters pin
    - Family Guy pin
    - Cleveland Show pin (lame)
    - T-shirt promoting some zombie in an ice cream truck (aka I don't remember what it's for, that's how I got it)
    - Psych T-shirt
    - Psych comic book
    - Psych magic 8-ball
    - GG Stormtrooper Bust Ups for free
    - GG Count Dooku Bust Ups also free
    - Hasbro Star Wars poster
    - Hasbro SW booklet (very nice this year)
    - Hasbro GI Joe Storm Shadow / Norton Antivirus T-shirt
    - Hasbro GI Joe booklet
    - Hasbro SW HK-47 leg and torso (from a very cool friend, thanks!!!)
    - GI Joe comic book preview freebie (sucked)
    - Dr Tran Vinyl Figure signed by Tran's creators (had a great chat with Breehn)
    - C-3PO 2gb Mimobot flashdrive
    - Darth Maul 4gb Mimobot (free)
    - Mimobot fuzzy jacket keychain (free)
    - Funko TC-14 SDCC exclusive bobblehead (free)
    - Mattel Hot Wheels Enterprise refit w/ spacedock SDCC exclusive
    - Mattel reusable bag (free)
    - Slimer balloon (free)
    - Sideshow $20 giftcard (first year I've gotten skunked on the gift cards, lame)
    - My driver's license back (SDCC employee accidentally knocked it out of my hand)
    - SDCC souvenir book, massive 40th anniversary book.
    - Hot Wheels 1:50 Batman 1989 Batmobile (the cockpit slides open!!!)
    - Sideshow Collectibles 12" Palpatine / Sidious 2-pack (won this for knowing the geekiest question in the panel)

    SDCC-area purchases:
    - Transformers ROTF scout-class Dune Runner
    - TF ROTF dlx Arcee
    - TF ROTF dlx Dead End
    - TF ROTF voyager-class Long Haul
    - SWTF Magnaguard / Magnaguard Fighter
    - SW TLC Emperor (finally!!!)
    - SW Titanium Series Hyena Droid
    - SW CW Obi-Wan space suit
    - SW CW Commando Droid
    - SW CW 4A-7
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    CW Mace Windu

    Titanium Neimodian Shuttle and Galactic Heroes Ponda/Snags both on clearance at Target. I paid a bit under $4 for both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    - My driver's license back (SDCC employee accidentally knocked it out of my hand)
    He probably wanted a closer look as he wondered why there was no photo on it!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    [FONT=Courier New]- LEGO SW set 7778 (midi scale Millenium Falcon).[/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]"First of all, never bad mouth synergy..."[/FONT]


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