I am working on a lego indiana jones movie called Indiana Jones and the Quest for eternity. The film is schedualed for a release date of Summer 2011 and will be shown on youtube.com. We need voices for the film so here is a list of the main characters and their type of voice:

Indiana Jones, Major Character

Older Short Round ( slight Chinese accent), Major Character

Mutt Williams, Major Character

Reese Walker (Southern Accented Woman), Major character

Marion Ravenwood (Small Cameo)

Old Remy Boudwin (Cameo, Young Indiana Jones)

General Hok (strong chinese accent), Major Character

Cpt. Manchinkof (Strong Russian accent), Major Character

High Ranking Officer (Chinese accent)

Gordon (Name May Change) (Boston/new york accent)

Nazi Officer (German)

Jaques (French Accent)

If you get the part of a major character your name will be in the opening credits of the film and in the ending credits. If you get a non-major part then your name will be put in the ending credits.

If you are interested PM me and I will give you a couple lines from the script.
Then email your audition to: p.rivera@insightbb.com

Good luck!