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    Jocasta Fans, UNITE

    Is there any one else out there who feels that Jocasta Nu needs to be made into an action figure? I have wanted to see this Jedi Librarian in action figure form for quite a while, and now we have a chance to make it happen!

    I urge my fellow Star Wars fans, please cast a vote for Jocasta Nu.
    This character deserves to be made into a great figure.

    I'd love to see her come with a lightsaber and even a Count Dooku bust...this character has great potential as a figure.

    Please let me know your thoughts on her and if you will be voting for her, I would love to hear feedback.

    for Fan's Choice Figure

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    Hmm. Unfortunately I wouldn't vote for her. For my purposes she just wouldn't be much of any use. Apart from the OT where I will buy absolutely everyone that had screentime, I'm very specifically diorama focussed when it comes to the PT. The jedi library in AOTC was an empty scene, hardly any visible characters to fill out an action figure diorama. Unless we somehow got a Library 'playset' or ready-made diorama I wouldn't see the point in setting up the scene with all of 2 figures, obi-wan and Jocasta, when I don't even have a backdrop to display them against. Geonosis arena and geonosis war-room are a different story though. Those jedi, droids, and seperatist leaders are most welcome. I didn't vote for any PT characters but if I had I'd have given Tikkes a vote. He draws my eye any time I watch that film.

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    Well for one thing she's not very opened minded. If it's not in the archives it doesn't exist.

    I have enough trouble with people who don't like to be confused with the non-facts.
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    She would literally be the last figure I'd vote for. I find the idea of a librarian action figure to be incredibly boring, and her character in the movie is quite closed-minded, just as Blue2th points out. Plus, her acting in the scene is rather stiff even for the Jedi Temple which is full of crappy acting. She would make the most boring figure of all time, an old lady non-alien.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    closed-minded...acting in the scene is rather stiff even for the Jedi Temple which is full of crappy acting
    You mean Anakin?

    I agree JT, a librarian action figure would be as if (back in the day) GI Joe had issued a figure called: Tammy Skinner, Civilian office assistant to General Hawk (complete with rocket-launching keyboard and hand grenade calculator)....or if Transformers had done a non-robot-transforming truck named Hauler whose only job it was to store all the Autobots weapons when they were in vehicle form....

    Sorry Jocasta, you're even more useless than a Gungan on Tatooine...
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    I want Jocasta Nu for my Jedi Library diorama. Librarians are cool.

    I think she could come packed with a shoulder-mounted proton torpedo launcher to make her more fun for the kids.

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    I just changed my avatar and signature to reflect what I want the outcome of this poll to be.

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    Do you think they'd ever do an EU version that has both legs? Or maybe removable legs with snap in stumps....
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    If they made the figure, I'd probably buy it, but its definitely nothing I'm clamoring for. There are far more interesting characters to be made.


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