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    Fantasy Football '09

    KH isn't getting one going. Has anyone else started one? If not, I'll commish one.

    Any takers? Let me know if we should get one going and/or PM me your email addy so we can get things rollin'.
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    You know I'm down, if we can get enough people.
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    I'm in again.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    I can only handle one league at a time, and as the defending champ of '08, I'll stay in the CBS Sportsline one. And I like listening in on all your weekly victories (and occasional agonies ). I expect to have my own ups and downs, too.

    But I do have an advice question about keepers. The league I'm in has a 2-player keeper rule, plus a 3-yr rookie rights rule (you draft a player prior to his first season, and you get to keep his rights for up to 3 years). I have RB Chris Henry (I inherited him from the pervious owner's squad) and QB Matt Ryan as rookies, but of the other 9 guys, I'm a little stumped about whom to keep. They are:
    QB T.Romo DAL
    RB T.Jones NYJ
    RB R.Williams MIA
    RB C.Taylor MIN
    RB K.Faulk NE
    WR R.Wayne IND
    WR S.Moss WAS
    WR D.Driver GB
    TE D.Clark IND

    I can only keep two, and I'm virtually certain I'll hold onto Thomas Jones (he's my only strongly established starting RB). I'm really waffling between Romo and Wayne for the 2nd player. Any advice or suggestions? I have to decide before Monday ends.
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    I'll play, I've been looking to do a fantasy league this year, haven't done one before but I'll be happy to do one with my fellow forumites!
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    I may as well. Gives me more things to waste time at work with.
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    Based on Jones likely splitting carries with L.Washington, I decided to protect Romo and Wayne, so I won't have to draft a QB at all. Looking forward to defending my title this year!
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    So, our draft is done (20 on each roster... that took a few hours... ), and here are the starting 2009 Womp Rats:

    QBs (T.Romo DAL, M.Ryan ATL)
    RBs (L.McCoy PHI, C.Henry TEN, J.Jones SEA, J.Davis CLE, S.Morris NE, R.Williams MIA)
    WRs (R.Wayne IND, V.Jackson SD, M.Jenkins ATL, M.Kelly WAS, S.Breaston ARI)
    TEs (D.Clark IND, D.Lee GB)
    Ks (R.LOngwell MIN, J.Elam ATL)
    Defenses and Individual Defender (PIT, BUF, J.Farrior PIT)

    ... and here's a shot of me next to the trophy. El gigante prize, indeed! Hope to be able to keep said trophy for another year.
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    What the hell? Did I not even get an invite?
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Mine is not the SSG league.
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