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    What are your Build-a-Droid statuses?

    It's been over a year since build-a-droid started, and in that time we've had, not counting Wal-mart exclusives, the following BADs:

    1. R4-D6
    2. R7-Z0
    3. R4-J1
    4. R7-T1
    5. 5D6-RA7
    6. MB-RA7
    7. R2-L3
    8. R5-A2
    9. U-3PO
    10. HK-47
    11. L8-L9
    12. R3-M3
    13. R5-C7
    14. R3-A2
    15. R4-P44
    16. YVH-1
    17. HK-50
    18. BG-J38

    Of course, as most collectors aren't completists anymore, there are undoubtedly a lot of us with incomplete droids from this list. So what are the statuses of your various BADs?
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    Here are the statuses of my BADs:

    • R4-D6 - Complete! I may have an extra right leg as well, but I don't remember for sure if I bought that figure or not.
    • R7-Z0 - Complete!
    • R4-J1 - Incomplete. 1 torso, 2 heads. I want to finish this one.
    • R7-T1 - None. I kinda wanted this one too, unfortunately none of the basic figures appealed to me, so it's a low priority.
    • 5D6-RA7 - Incomplete. 1 head, 1 left leg. I kinda wanted to do this one, but it wasn't a huge priority.
    • MB-RA7 - Incomplete. 1 head, 1 torso, 1 right leg. I wanted to finish this one pretty bad, but this is one of those waves I absolutely couldn't pull the trigger on.
    • R2-L3 - Complete! Plus 1 extra left leg.
    • R5-A2 - Complete!
    • U-3PO - Complete, sorta. I have half the silver parts and half the champagne parts, making a full droid that's not 1 color. Frustrating.
    • HK-47 - Incomplete. 1 head, 1 torso, 1 left leg. Most of that was thanks to a super generous friend too. And I really want to finish this one.

    That's 4 completed figures, 1 figure that could be completed but has variation problems, 4 incomplete figures, and 1 totally absent figure. Of the 4 incomplete figures and 1 completed problem figure, 2 are a major priority for me; and I have 3 extra parts.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    This is a good thread idea and I will update my status soon.

    I think it will help others find parts they need and get rid of parts they don't.

    I plan to copy JT's post pattern when I update everyone on my BAD situation.

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    I'm still a completist, so I've got them all. 5D6-RA-7 has messed up legs since the one that came with the Yaddle and Even Piell set was assembled incorrectly, but I'm not really worried about it anymore (and I haven't seen that set since 2008, so it's not like I can do much about it anyway). Also, I kind of wish I had gotten the champagne version of U-3PO, but the silver version is still good enough. I also have a few other parts from army builders and such, and the Walmart ones as well. This is definitely my favorite pack-in they've ever done.
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    I didn't know you were still a completist. I guess it's a young man's game.

    What was the problem with that 5d6RA7 part again, 2 left feet or shins or something? That stinks.

    What extra parts do you have? Could make good trade bait, you're not the only one who wants champagne U-3PO so the parts may be out there.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I made sure from the very beginning of the BAD that I had every part for every droid. So in that way you could call me a completist, but I didn't have to buy every figure in each wave to complete the droids, so in that way I'm not a completist.

    So I'm a "Build-a-Droid & every new sculpt figure Completist".

    Didn't buy any repack figures.
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    Hell, it's even worse; I'm a completist for both TLC and CW! I pass on things like Anakin on the can-cell since I have both already, and I don't get straight-up repacks since I'm an opener, but otherwise, it's a habit that has made me buy around $400-$500 worth of merchandise within the last few weeks. I've more or less stopped army building, and I don't plan on army building Clone Wars at all (except for releases in battle packs; that is, I won't buy two or more of the same item), but there's still tons to buy.

    Yep, 5D6-RA-7 came with two left feet (the feet and shins were connected), even though the thighs were correct.

    I checked and I only have the MB-RA-7 torso (due to the 327th Star Corps Trooper) and the R5-A2 head (due to a second Spacetrooper), so it's not a lot right now.
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    Here's my status:

    R4-D6 - Complete
    R7-Z0 - Complete
    R4-J1 - 1 Complete and a second missing only the right leg
    R7-T1 - Complete
    5D6-RA7 - 1 Complete and a second missing both legs plus and extra left arm
    MB-RA7 - One Complete, an extra head and two torsos
    R2-L3 - Complete
    R5-A2 - 1 Complete, a second missing only the left leg and an extra head
    U-3PO - Complete
    HK-47 - Complete

    Plus the Walmart exclusives:

    C-3PX - Complete
    Dark Trooper Phase III - Complete plus an extra set of arms
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    Economic and Storage issues have long since forced me from being a completionist to really cherry picking figures, thus I've pretty much glossed over the Build-a-Droid parts I've gotten, I figured I'd just use them as Jawa wreckage at some point. I like astromechs, but not that much.

    Then they started putting some droids I've realllllllllly wanted in the BAD waves, namely HK-47

    Thus through some lucky trading I cobled together most pieces from DarkJedi5 and TheDarthVader (thanks again guys!) but the wave appears to have skipped this area, retailers instead jumping straight to the red/white Reprints and The Clone Wars waves. I choked down buying a marked up Comic Store Beru for the Torso, but the Concept Anakin was gone, so my HK-47 remains without his right arm =/

    Now with HK-50 and the YVH-1 coming, I'm thinking I may just end up ebaying the suckers, its too complicated or otherwise expensive to complete them otherwise =/ I may eBay R2-L3 at some point too just because I like his Color Scheme.
    1. R4-D6: have nothing
    2. R7-Z0: Only have the Body
    3. R4-J1: have nothing
    4. R7-T1: Have Both legs
    5. 5D6-RA7: have nothing
    6. MB-RA7: Have Head and Left Leg
    7. R2-L3: Have nothing but kind of want
    8. R5-A2: have nothing
    9. U-3PO: have nothing
    10. HK-47: Just Missing the right arm
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    I have them all complete now with some parts left over. My U-3PO is the silver one. I suppose I would like the other version like MrJJL said, but I'm just glad I have them all the same color.

    As far as the feet on those RA droids, I have it both the black and silver ones. I think it is supposed to be that way. The feet are different, it's just that the right foot kind of curves out on the instep. Looking at the pattern on the feet, there are lines on the outside of both, and a bare spot on the inside of both. If they had used the wrong foot, it would have the same patterns on the same sides.

    I had a little trouble getting the U-3PO arm from the Hoth Rebel. When I finally found the figure, it had an HK-47 arm. Then I ordered one online. It showed a picture of the silver arm, but I didn't verify with the seller if that is what it actually had. Then I found one in Wal-Mart, so it didn't matter if I got the right one from eBay or not. Now it seems that the seller has screwed me and some others over and I haven't got the figure or my money back.

    As far as extra pieces, I have the following:

    R4-J1 - Head & middle leg, body, right leg
    R7-T1 - Head & middle leg, body
    5D6-RA7 - torso, both arms, left leg
    MB-RA7 - right leg
    (between those two, I have a headless black droid with a silver right leg)
    R5-A2 - Head & middle leg, body, left leg
    U-3PO - left arm
    HK-47 - torso, both legs, right arm
    (between those two, I have a headless HK-47 with a silver left arm)

    For now, none of these parts are for sale or trade. I'm a pack rat type. As I accumulate more droids, I'll try to build mismatched droids out of all the spare parts. Right now, I'm two heads short on the six-piece droids and short two of each leg on the astro droids.


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