I noticed this report at The Digital Bits. I have the VHS tape, but I will probably add this to the ranks of my GL in Love, Thumb Wars, Starwoids, and Stars of Star Wars DVDs.

And finally, we've got word that the Hardware Wars: Special Edition is coming to DVD in April! Yes... the original Star Wars spoof comes home on disc. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss your money good-bye! This news comes from the Michael Wiese Productions website. Here's more info: "This will include a remastered surround-sound track (imagine those space irons flying by!) and a director's commentary track by Ernie Fosselius. We also will include a 1998 television program featuring Ernie presenting his collection of never-before-seen "Hardware Wars" merchandise (a parody of Hollywood merchandising, plus a complete version of Ernie's rare book, "The Hollywood Gift Catalog" plus more." No word yet on price, but watch the site for updates.