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    I come as the leader of a Division in an online Star Wars Group, called "The Galactic Empire". Our main site is available under . However, my main reason to be here is to look for other people who are interested in writing Star Wars stories, or creating graphics and images. I'm also interesting in finding people who are good website designers.

    I ask you to have a look at my site, here for some details and then to contact myself, at if you do feel you could make a worthy addition to our teams.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at any time.
    FCPO KarChek / NCO Div-Comm / ISD Chimaera

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    Oh wow! An Imperial recruiter! This may be my big chance!

    Seriously, I would be interested in submitting some artwork and stories, I just need to get a new scanner (my previous scanner literally caught on fire last weekend ) and put something together in the form of a coherent story. I'll e-mail you when I have something acceptable.
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    Here I finally find a service worth joining and their d**n website doesn't even work!

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    what?! there's another emperor? How can this possibly be true? I want this imposter found and brough to his knees before me!

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    Lubing up the probe - it's business time.
    You wish......

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    I say old bean. Steady on.


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