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    Any Michigan Collector's?

    I have had the hardest time finding any Power of the Jedi stuff in the Detroit area. I used to live in Lansing and almost always found stuff. Anyone in Michigan have better luck? Last wave I have seen around was the Shmi/Ellors Madok Wave

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    I'm from the Traverse Area and we usually have trouble getting anything in the stores also. None of the local stores seem to stock many Star Wars Toys anymore.

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    Walmart's seem to be about the best place to find the new POTJ stuff. Although I haven't seen any for a few weeks.

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    Question Michigan

    Walmart in the Ann Arbor area has NOTHING. I usually find stuff at Target and occasionally KMART though they are either all or nothing.

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    Wednesday, I was driving through Ypsilanti, and decided to stop at the local Toys R Us. I didnt really expect to find anything other than thesame old figures. But, to my astonishment, there, waiting for me, was the entire Fx7 wave. There were even duplicates of them. Lucky Me!!!


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