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    Second 2009 ESB wave (with Willrow Hood)

    I assume SSG will have carded pics up soon, but if not, they're out there.

    The Snowtrooper strikes me as an odd choice since it looks more GI Joe than SW and we already have the 2007 concept snowtrooper. I'm also not sure why it says "Concept Art" twice on the package.

    The AT-AT Driver, another wholly unnecessary figure, looks pretty damn sweet. He's rockin' some killer sideburns.

    The position of Luke's lightsaber in the package is beyond unfortunate. They really should have given him an ignited one (right now, it looks like he's - erm - igniting himself). Otherwise, it looks great.

    I'm glad they switched the olive R2-X2 from the BAD body to the R4-G9 one; that one has more weight to it. I'm somewhat surprised they didn't change the name since we already have the black one from 2006. He and the snowtrooper share the right leg, so hopefully they'll both be easy to find.

    Willrow Hood looks awesome, but they should have put him in a more dynamic pose, I think. The card art is really strange - is that the same actor, from an archive picture or something? The hair looks photoshopped in.

    Zuckuss looks great as well. The 1998 version is still passable, but it'll be nice to have one that can hold the gun like in the film. Again, not sure about the card art; the silver circular thing on his "nose" should have more lines, like the figure has. Dunno.

    The Bespin Wing Guard hasn't been shown yet (I mean, apart from his SDCC appearance, of course).
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    Articulation notwithstanding, that AT-AT Driver seems to be inferior in every way to the 2006 figure.
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    We have them posted (check the home page). Sorry for the delay but I was on a plane all day today.
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    Is that droid in the film? Where?

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    He's in ANH. There's a similar-looking droid in the briefing room, but he looks to be black where this figure is olive green; he was released as R2-X2 in those Entertainment Earth droid sets in 2006. This one can be seen being lowered into an X-wing in the Yavin hangar. People were unsure as to whether they were the same droid, differentiated only by different lighting - well, either way, now there's a figure of both color schemes, both named R2-X2.
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    I'm going to have to compare the AT-AT Driver with the 2006 one side by side to make a final judgement.
    The old one had a great look to him except for those swivel elbows, he would have been perfect. Don't really need a removable helmet.

    I like all of these, so I'll be buying them, with maybe 2 of the Driver.

    Never thought I'd see the day we get a super-articulated Wilrow Hood. Things sure have come a long way. Well he can be easily posed like he's running in the evacuation of Bespin. He needs an ice cream cone in that other hand instead of a gun, or maybe a cantina cup with a straw in it to look like a milkshake.
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    The Snowtrooper - don't know if I'll buy or even try to justify buying this one. I was not a McQuarrie collector and only picked up the ones I could justify using as scene filler.

    The AT-AT Driver - don't need, don't want.

    Luke - looks cool. Want but don't need so I probably won't buy.

    R2-X2 - don't care.

    Willrow Hood - I'll buy ONE, probably. Perhaps multiples to use as a scene-filler guy. This looks to be the ONLY figure from this wave that I will be definitely buying.

    Zuckuss - no thanks. Looks nice though.

    The Bespin Wing Guard - Whoops. Now here is one I'll be buying probably 2 of or 4, and maybe 2 Utriss M'Tocs. So six in total? Not sure yet.

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    The Snowtrooper - great concept design, I'll pick up one or two.

    The AT-AT Driver - cool, but not needed, pass.

    Luke - looks pretty good, but I'll pass and wait for a retool without the cap.

    R2-X2 - Definite pick-up, great paint scheme! And those disappointed with Whistler may find this a more accurate paint scheme for Whistler.

    Willrow Hood - mega-pass. Hasbro should have updated Lando with balljoint elbows, Lobot, Hoth Leia, Bespin Escape Leia, Bespin Han, Piett, or Bespin Luke with a sober headsculpt before they got to this figure (probably shouldn't have ever gotten to this figure).

    Zuckuss - happy with the POTF2 version, pass.

    The Bespin Wing Guard - Pass, uninteresting to me.

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    AT-AT Driver: I was surprised to see a new sculpt of this pilot. I'll definitely pick one up to compare it to the Saga version, which is quite possibly my favorite action figure of the modern era. I may army-build this new one, if it holds up. I like the look of the head beneath the helmet.

    Luke: Will buy at least 1.

    Willrow Hood: I'm liking this guy more and more. Will buy at least 1.

    R2: Me likey movie-accurate astromechs. Will buy at least 1.

    Concept Art Snowie: I collect carded samples of the concept art figures, so I'll get 1 of this guy, and 1 of Ki-Adi Mundi, too.

    Bespin Guards: Will buy at least 2.

    Zuckuss: HECK YEAH! One of my favorite bounty hunters got a stellar upgrade. Will buy at least 1, maybe 2.

    All in all, a great wave of figures. Now if we could only get a brand-new AT-AT for the Drivers...

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    If this new Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder figure sells well.

    Maybe they can release this same figure with a new head sculpt with out a cap and add a lightsaber and blaster.

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    All the characters from the Star Wars films needs to be made into figures especially Luke Snowspeeder pilot (new head without cap), Wedge Snowspeeder pilot and the rest of the X-Wings, Snowspeeders, Y-Wings and B-Wings pilots! Biggs Darklighter as X-Wing, all the Jedis and all the Skiff and Sail Barge Guards all needed improvement and movie accurate!


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