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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    I also agree with tk006 that we need more ewoks. So far this year we will be getting paploo and teebo. Along with Wicket and Logray that we already have, that's 4 so far. Probably not that many more to go after that.
    Well there are quite a few Ewoks, but a few generic ones as well as remaking the ones that appeared in the vintage line would be good. So that means we need, Chief Chirpa, Romba, Warok, and Lumat. And how about an Ewok with Imperial helmet drum set, and Mother Ewok with basket of Woklings, etc. Then maybe the fan club can do what they are doing with the Commtech Stormtroopers, just give us some generic Ewok re-paints 4-packs. Just use the best basic ewok bodies and give them new hoods and paintjobs. Would be a good way of expanding our Endor Dioramas.

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    I want an Imperial Dignitary but I think hasbro should just stick to the prequel figures until all of the prequel hype is over.

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    I was always bummed about not getting a dignitary the first time around.

    I would LOVE it if Hasbro blessed us with a dignitary for the new line. Just one. With the high level of detail and attention they are putting into their current sculpting, they could do this one up right.

    However, I wouldn't want them to even consider doing anything more than a roughly neutral pose on the figure. Can you imagine a dignitary in an action pose? I can hear the bones creeking/hips breaking now!

    Alas, it would probably be a poor seller. Sounds like exclusive material, kind of like Wuher was at the fan club a few years back.

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    I...I..really don't know.


    What is the story with these guys any way? They always "scared" me.
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    Originally posted by Unit-01
    What is the story with these guys any way? They always "scared" me.
    According to the POTF Coin: "One of the evil men who is close to The Emperor and serves as an advisor in his plans to destroy the Rebel forces." Tycho mentioned some EU story that talked about one of the Dignitaries, may wanna look into that.

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    I look at it this way. They made the Rancor Keeper, so all bets are off on who "deserves" to be made. SO I say make the vintage figures who haven't been made yet, and that includes Imperial Diginitaries.

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    Imperial Dignitary

    I agree with SithDroid about Gen. Madine and some more Ewoks. Not that I like the ewoks especially, but there is so many Hasbro could do. Maybe they could release a multipack of ewoks instead of ignorant sculpts of Darth Maul with his shirt off. As for the Imperial Dignitary, he is the figure I would least like to see made. At my local stores he would be the #1 peg warmer, much like Zutton and Eeth Koth have been for the last two months. The only way I would like to see him is with the Imperial Shuttle. It will sell regardless of who it comes with and Hasbro can give the peg space to Crix Madine or a new sculpt of the Bespin gown Leia.

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    Jeezum Crow! They're making Endor Rebel Trooper #2 for Pete's sake! They might as well make a dignitary. He's kinda cool lookin'. As long as they don't put the picture of Sim Aloo from the SWCCG anywhere on the package. ::Shivers:: That cat is creepy lookin'.::Shivers again::

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    yeah, make the two dignitaries from the throne room. No need for more than that as they all look similar anyway. but those two are instantly recognisable and it would be silly to make one without the other.
    Nice easy neutral stances with nice detail. No silly face colours and no gimmicks. Aren't they supposed to be force adepts or something? That's a cool reason to make them. More Imperial bad guys the better.
    It'd finish off the Emperor throne room set anyway (barring a resculpt of Luke Jedi and Vader with two part removable helmet and removable hand.)

    It'd be nice to see them show up at the tail end of this year to round the whole year off. But no exclusives eh? They deny so many people of the chance to get hold of stuff. make everything general release unless it's something different like the toyfair Vader. A regular figure should get a regular release.
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    I wouldn't mind them all with an Imperial shuttle, I'd glady pay $150 for one if it had 5 pack-ins and was improved over the vintage version, electronics and all that is.
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