View Poll Results: Should Hasbro add a modern version of the Imperial Dignitary to our collections?

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  • Yes, make him!

    703 92.74%
  • No thanks.

    34 4.49%
  • Hasbro should stick to prequel figures this year.

    21 2.77%
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    Just make every figure in the original trilogy and then we can all be happy.

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    Ya we are a hard to satisfy bunch arent we?? But we pay alot and expect something in return for our hard earned bucks. Oh well if someone else had this line I know they would use it better than Hasbro. My friend is big into D&D and Hasbro bought that out too and they are running that into the ground as well. They must have trained monkeys workin for them or something.

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    yup, they're the monkeys that paints the figures so badly and packs things in boxes so's ya can't get them out without ruining the packaging. the reason we don't get to see so much of the stuff is that it takes Hasbro so long to retrain the monkies to do a different task. that's the real reason behind the delay in getting the tie bomber and the snowspeeder - they had to retrain the monkies to shove things into boxes with windows after making them shove things in windowless boxes for the AOTC stuff. The poor monkies are totally confused and it's holding things up.

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    Yes, they should make the Imperial Dignitary. And since Hasbro loves making re-sculpts, how about a new Emperor's Royal Guard? Hey, how about a 2-pack?

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    Hi Rogue II! Welcome to another Rogue in the Forums.

    So, a question: doesn't the new Episode 2 Chancellor's Guard figure count as a Royal Guard? Same thing, I think?


    And by all means, I do support them making the two Dignitaries you see in the film later, when Vader reports to the Emperor's throne room.

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    Originally posted by Rogue II
    Yes, they should make the Imperial Dignitary. And since Hasbro loves making re-sculpts, how about a new Emperor's Royal Guard? Hey, how about a 2-pack?
    They ARE making a new Royal Guard as they are featured in AOTC. I would love to see the Dignitar(y/ies) made only because the original one was so horrid. They aren't the greatest looking characters, but I think that the modern sculpting processes would help out this otherwise lacklustre looking character.
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    We're getting not one, but two of these guys made now!

    I'm continuing to check our progress on getting the last of the Vintage figures redone while the Cloud Car Poll is running, inclusive of options for its pilot(s).
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    Woo-hoo! We're finally getting both Imperial Diggies! Add to that the new Throne Room Vader, the new Emperor Palpatine and the third face sculpt for the Imperial Officer. That's five reasons for me to pick up one of them KB Imperial Shuttles!
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