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    Anyone going to buy a PS3 now that the price has dropped?

    I just saw the new "slimline" PS3s at Wal-Mart this morning for $300 and I'm still not sure if I'm ready to take the plunge for this system or not. The only game I would probably play is UFC Undisputed. I can't really think of any other games that I would be all that excited about.

    Is anyone out there planning on buying it now that the price is down? Or are you kicking yourself for not having waited to purchase it?
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    The only game that really tempts me is Batman: Arkham Asylum. Even then, I'm willing to wait and see if they eventually get it on the Wii after all. I've got no need for BluRay, either, so that's not a factor for me.

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    I'd only be buying it for Beatles Rock Band and the Blu-ray stuff, but I don't really feel compelled to update to Blu-ray since I doubt it would look too different on my TV and the SW films aren't out in that format yet. I don't play video games much at all, and I'd rather spend the $300 on anything else, so, in a roundabout way, no, I won't get it.
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    I've been reading a couple of articles that claim that the Wii "must" drop it's price now that there is only a $50 difference between it and the other two consoles. I don't think they realize just how much that really is if you break it down. If you spend $300, then you can get a PS3 with no games, or a Wii with at least 2 games (1 game included, and 1 or more games with the extra $50). So the Wii is still the best value out there.
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    I know people who are perfectly happy with just Wii Sports. But if you buy a Wii and WiiPlay, it's $300, and you get two games, two controllers, and one nunchuk.

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    I'd still rather have a Wii.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    I'd only be buying it for Beatles Rock Band ..
    That's the exact reason why I'll be buying one when we pull back into Japan. I can't friggin' wait to play that game!
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    I'll just be getting Beatles Rock Band on my Wii.

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    I bought the 160 Gb PS3 bundle with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in June for $500. Sucks that it's dropped in price now, but I really had no idea it was coming. I've really gotten into the LEGO games, especially Indiana Jones. I'll be getting the sequel when it comes out. I've never played Uncharted, the game that came with the console. The only other game I have is LEGO Star Wars, which I've only played three levels on so far.

    I haven't used the Blu-ray player too much. I own only two movies in that format though. The PS3 does a great job upscaling standard def. DVDs to HD though. I was really impressed with it.

    I have used the PS3 to view pics I've taken with my digital camera or have scanned. Just put them on a flash drive and plug it into the USB port on the front of the console or transfer them to the internal hard drive. The PS3 has several image slideshow programs you can run which are pretty cool. I have scans of all the covers in my comic book collection which I can browse/display on my HDTV through my PS3.

    It's also got a wireless card and web browser but I haven't used those features. My brother sends MP3s he downloads to his PS3 for playback through his home theater system.
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    One of the main reasons I bought my PS3 was for the Blu-Ray playing.
    Now that my OEM software for my Pioneer Blu Ray drive in my media center PC is no good. I bought the new software for like $80. The player is buggy as hell. I got green block noise when it played. I was POed so I demanded a refund. All I had to do was fill out this "PROOF OF DESTRUCTION" form and i got my refund.

    But also, PS3 has the most extra features to access on what games you want. Especially Guitar Hero. My brother's Wii only allows 3 songs off of Metallica's Death Magnetic to download. PS3 you can download the whole thing.

    Ghostbuster's the game is one of the few games I am intrigued to get.
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