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    Originally posted by Caesar
    Binks, I remember reading on a DVD site that Chasing Amy is being released by Criterion. Is this just a reissue or might there be more material included this time? SithDroid, maybe you read the same info that I did? I currently have the Criterion issue, borrowed from a friend. There's alot of extra material, but I think it's been out for awhile . . . a few years I believe
    When ever there is a price reduction, some on-line retailers count it as a new release. Since the price is changed, it's easier for them to count the first release discontinued, and mark it as new. It's a stupid practice, IMHO cause it causes confusion sometimes. The current Criterion is a port over of the original Laserdisc, and I don't think it's going out of print anytime soon.

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    Yes, the laserdisc issue. I now recall Kevin Smith referring to it in one of the deleted scenes.
    I agree, that is really a bad practice - they had me confused!

    Here's a Criterion question for ya, how often DO they discontinue titles? I know Silence of the Lambs is OOP, and I had to search extensively for my Rushmore disc . . . but Armageddon reappeared in a slimmer two disc set.

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    It's a reprinting of the original DVD with no new stuff.


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