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    Hope there's room for 'em at Target. I counted 7 - 9 different football card sets on sale, as well as baseball and the assorted 'what were they thinkin'' series of cards.

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    Theres tons of 'what were they thinkin' cards at most of my card retailers.

    Count on mid-November for the CW cards actually showing up. Topps' release dates are always several weeks/a month behind schedule. Wonder who the retailer autograph exclusives will be? Hmmm...
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    I was at Target today and stopped by the trading card section. Nothing.

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    And I stopped by Target yesterday (which is now your "today" ) and also found nothing Star Wars-related. But I did see plenty of New Moon packs and Ben Roethecardsectionaintgotnostarwarsstuffyetberger's face on several football packs.
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    Looked today and nada. I was like, take some of this New Moon crap down and make some space!

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    My Target stores havnt received them yet. But my local (and only) card shop got them. They have tons of boxes and the packs for $2.49. Cards are pretty cool. Picked up 3 packs -didnt pull anything special.
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    I'll be hitting the comic shop Saturday. I might have to break down and get a pack or two.

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    Have been checking Targets, and found nothin' so far.
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    Found them!!!

    Found the retail version at two different Targets in Louisville Saturday night. $1.99 per pack.

    I bought six packs. Out of the packs I bought, I got three cells, three foils and three season 2 preview cards.

    These cards are nicely done, better than I expected. In addition to the basic ep storyline, some cards list changes that were made to the script. The foil cards also list which actors voiced the characters.

    There's also a mail-in offer where you can get a binder and promo card (a-ha!!) for this set. If you use the code, it's $15.95, or in that neighborhood. I'm thinking about that.

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    Binders rock! That sounds great; I've looked for SW 3-ring holders for years, especially since CW is students-oriented.

    I should head out today, then. Great haul, OC.
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