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    Archives Vs. Galaxy

    I was thinking about picking up some of the cards from the Classic Trilogy. Which is the best set to get? I'm considering Archives and Galaxy right now. Are there any others?
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    I just bought a sealed box of Chrome Archives 2 days ago . . .the guy offered me a good deal, so I bit. I pulled one complete set of course, and came close on a
    second - I'm 9 cards short for my second set, I wish to give it to a friend.
    They can be pricey though, I just looked on eBay for loose cards that I need and had no luck . . . but people are selling by the box and by the set. If you buy the set, there's one available thru Buy it Now for 24.95, but I bet you could bid on a lower priced one and win it anyway.
    I really like the Chrome Archives, but if you remember the original sets, the Archives have an "incomplete" feeling to them, IMO.
    They only took 30 cards from each movie and realligned them.
    Still, for a 90 card set, it's pretty sweet.
    Those clear chase cards (2 per box) are AWESOME while the double sided chrome (3 per box ? ) cards are actually remakes of the old stickers, so I like the look of those.

    Galaxy? I have several of them, but not a whole set. It's certainly more diverse, as it includes A LOT of unique artwork and interpretations. Some of them look silly to me, but others are pretty cool.

    I can't recommend one set over the other, as I am not familiar with your tastes. But I can say that in terms of getting the most cards and variety for your money, Galaxy might possibly be the best bet.

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    Thanks for the info. The Archives version sounds pretty cool. I think I bought a pack of Galaxy when they first came out, I'll have to check.
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    Ba-bump! Well, with news of a 4th series of the successful (IMHO, at least) SW Galaxy cards, try that one when it arrives in February. See the SSG News section for the description and links.
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    Here's what's on tap with the Galaxy 4 set.

    I have the previous Galaxy sets. They're very nice cards. The artists were given a little more freedom with their imaginations when it came to the artwork.

    I'm interested to see what they do with the prequels.

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    I bought these as full sets (SWG:I might have been my first ever QVC purchase, actually), so it could be fun to collect them pack-by-pack.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Thumbs up

    Still looking forward to this set. Saw a card price guide the other day with the Yoda-as-Buddha style "rare" card on the cover. This is one set I will try to collect in the pack-by-pack method (with maybe some trades to help out, too... hint-hint-wink-wink ).
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Promo card will be in the next issue of Non Sport Update.

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    Found this in a search, gives the release date of the series, too. Anything with my namesake in it's great. Might break down and buy a box, for the first time ever, or try the ol' fashioned way of pack-by-pack (more expensive, but more fun... which to choose).
    Quote Originally Posted by from December 15, 2008
    Topps Explores Campbell in Galaxy IV Cards

    "Haunted by dreams of Padme's death and driven by his obsession with saving her life, Anakin walks the Road of Trials. It is a shadowy, confusing path, and Anakin is guided on his journey, not by what is real, but by what he hopes is real. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, aware of Anakin's fear and pleased by his confusion, seduces the young Jedi with a soothing promise, convincing him that only through mastery of the dark side can Anakin save the ones he loves. Later, as the Chancellor's true nature is revealed and Jedi Master Mace Windu prepares to kill the corrupt politician, Anakin sees his hope dying as well. Faced with a loss he cannot bear, Anakin surrenders to the dark side, realizing too late that in doing so, he has lost not only Padme and Obi-Wan, but himself. Anakin Skywalker has slipped into the abyss."

    Pretty deep stuff, especially for the back of a trading card, but not really surprising when one considers the Topps Company's history of pushing the envelope, particularly with regard to the universally praised, wildly popular trio of Star Wars Galaxy sets.

    Galaxy IV, set to arrive in comics and hobby stores on February 11th, will be every bit as exciting as its predecessors, and will present fans and collectors with a fantastic array of innovative features and subsets, including the above text and art, part of a subset entitled The Campbell Connection Revisited: Anakin's Journey. Written and illustrated by Russell Walks as a companion to the acclaimed Campbell Connection series he created for Star Wars Galaxy III, Anakin's Journey is a six card series exploring the rise, fall, and redemption of not only the galaxy's greatest hero, but its greatest villain, as well.

    In The Campbell Connection, Walks tied Star Wars together with the work of a philospher named Joseph Campbell, and in doing so explained why, for so many of us, the Star Wars movies were more than just a two-hour diversion on a rainy summer afternoon.

    "In 1985, I saw The Power of Myth, a series of interviews with Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell, whose work Lucas says influenced him as he wrote Star Wars," Walks says. "After seeing the interviews and reading Campbell's masterwork, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, I realized what it was about Star Wars that had touched so many of us; to put it simply, the ideals and themes in Star Wars are universal, and I think that the reason the movies resonate with us so strongly is because we recognize the importance of what Star Wars is telling us. We care about Luke and Leia and Padme and Anakin, because in them we can see the best (and worst) parts of ourselves."

    Those universal themes of friendship, compassion and sacrifice are revisited in the Star Wars prequels, this time through the eyes of Anakin Skywalker, the young hero whose ambition sets him on a tragic journey.

    "Lucas has said many times that Star Wars is, ultimately, the story of Anakin Skywalker," says Topps Vice President of Publishing, Ira Friedman. "And so when we were putting together Galaxy IV, it immediately occurred to us that it would be fun and appropriate to revisit the Campbell/Star Wars connection, this time from Anakin's point of view. Russ was also excited about the idea, and put together a six card series, that we think, frankly, will leave fans breathless."

    The cards are broken down by movie, and each image represents a different point in Anakin's life, from the sunlit glory of his podrace win on Tatooine in The Phantom Menace to the shadowy Imperial throne room where meets his destiny in Return of the Jedi.

    "I knew that I wanted to depict the turning points in Anakin's life," Walks says. "But I wasn't sure exactly where each of those moments would be. As I worked through the films though, it became clear that each of the defining moments in his journey hinge on the loss of someone important to him, from his mother to his son. Once I realized that, it was easy to decide what to paint."

    Walks, who also designed and painted the box art for Galaxy IV, hopes that fans will not only enjoy the art and text, but will also be intrigued enough by the Campbell connection to do a little exploration on their own. "Joseph Campbell's work has been not only a big influence on my own work, but also an important part of my life for a long time," Walks says. "I remember how exciting it was for me, discovering the connection between Campbell and Star Wars, and realizing for the first time how much depth of meaning there was in the movies I loved so much. I'd love it if these cards not only stood on their own as cool little pieces of art, but also appealed to people enough so that at least a few folks, at the very least, Googled the name Joseph Campbell."

    Star Wars Galaxy IV will be available primarily in hobby and comic shops in February.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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