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    CW season 1 cards coming in October

    A friend on my club's board posted something about this and I had to get more info.

    If I get a complete set for a dirt-cheap price (which is what I've done the last couple of sets) that will be great. I will buy a few packs in the store, as usual.

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    I echo those sentiments. But for some reason, most of the cartoon card sets seem to be flat to me.
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    They might be flat, but at least they are Wide this time!

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    Ah, trading card humor... why aren't there more stand-ups who specialize it that style?
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    I asked a friend this question over the weekend: is there going to be a promo card for this set?

    My friend's in the know when it comes to trading cards and hadn't heard anything about a promo card.

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    Havnt heard anything about a promo card either. Keep hearing November as the actual release date for this set.
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    The Topps site says "In October," and if you can't trust what's on the Internet to be true, then our civilization is bound and doomed to fail. I can't wait for the trivia info. I predict the first question will be "On the wall of the clones dorm, what species of alien is on the pin-up poster?"


    Answer? a Twi'lek, I think.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    What?!?! Are you telling me what's on the Internet is not the gospel truth???

    I've checked Target several times in the last two weeks and was at the comic shop last night and nada. I'll look again closer to Halloween.

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    Current rumor is a street date of November 11th.

    And there will be 2 Retail exclusive autograph cards.

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    So much for October...
    "That's what Sheev said."


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