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    Why we need a new AT-AT

    1. The POTF2 versions are old and rickety, and massively undersized. A newly-tooled AT-AT need not be too much bigger, just a sturdier redesign a la the new Wal-Mart exclusive AT-ST.

    2. The AT-AT is an iconic vehicle in the SW saga that appeared in two films and at least 1 comic... so it has wide recognition.

    3. It's the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. What better way to celebrate than to redo what was probably the most memorable vehicle from that film?

    4. You've chosen to resculpt and redesign the AT-AT Driver. What better way to drive sales of that figure than to release a new AT-AT for it to man? Pack-in a General Veers, and possibly either a Driver or a Snowtrooper (one of the best-selling OT troopers to date), and you have a winner!

    Remake the AT-AT, Hasbro, with the same love and attention to detail you gave to the new Millenium Falcon from last year!

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    I suspect a new one is in the cards for next year. It is clearly the most iconic vehicle introduced in Empire.

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    While I would no doubt buy this it would be quite an awkward one to display, being possibly bigger than the old one, and it would pretty much make my POTF2 one useless beyond sentimental/ toy historical value so I'd regret these facts. I'm sure the incredible new detail and features would make up for it.

    I'm more about my echo base diorama though moreso than the hoth plains battlefield. Not enough diversity there.

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    I'm all for a new AT-AT. I don't think it would take too many changes from the POTF mold to make it an outstanding toy.

    • Scale down the guns on the sides of the head - they were just a little too big.
    • Make the body about 1.5 to 2x the size of the old mold.
    • Add about 6" to the length of the legs and make the feet a little bigger.
    I'm sure Hasbro will make it a heck of a lot more spectacular than that, but I'd be in for at least one for me and one for my kid - possibly more depending on the price point.

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    The best reason to remake it is I don't have one. I only have the Titanium and Action Fleet versions. I no longer have a TRU near me, so I didn't get the TSC Endor version, but I'd want a Hoth version anyway.

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    I don't own the current AT-AT toy because I've never been too happy with how misproportioned it is in comparison to the onscreen version. I'm not so worried about the size, but I'm not too happy with the elongated and oversized head.

    I would agree that a new one doesn't need to be too much bigger than the current toy, but it needs to look more like the onscreen version for sure.
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    I'd buy two of them, if they were released. I am more than half expecting to see them by Toy Fair 2010. They'd be huge, and so is the BMF Falcon, I am half debating whether or not to buy another. Waiting for the AT-ST which I am hoping to get two of these also.
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    i'd be all for a new AT-AT.. it's my favorite vehicle from the OT and is long overdo for redo and would make a great large vehicle to introduce as the Holiday 2010 toy.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I'd be down for an all-new AT-AT, but not a retool of the vintage we keep getting, that tool is kinda boring and, as mentioned, rickety. It'd need to be wider and have stronger legs and a more accurate head. I don't want the head to flop about, it should be on ratcheting hinges instead of a gimmick puppet thing (not that it isn't a cool concept on the vintage, but we have that now). The main body should have more of a playset-style interior and store a speederbike (which, heck, it should come with! ).

    If they can do the Clone Turdo Tank, a design passed up in the late '70s for an excellent reason, surely they could do justice to the AT-AT.
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    You know if they make one which I hope they do, they're going to have to update General you know who.

    I'd still keep my Hoth one for nostalgia. It's gotta lotta cool features. Some the Endor one doesn't. I sold that one.

    Seems like a logical progression after that AT-ST we're getting. Too bad we haven't seen one in Clone Wars yet. I'd much rather buy a new AT-AT then the Turbo Tank which I don't think I'll ever get cause it just looks so wonky.
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