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    Sorry to start a new thread chaps, I expect it will be shortlived. Is anyone currently using had a security breach last time I used them and I had a CC card used fraudulently but whats the goss on right now? Its just they have some things I want that BBTS doesn't have.

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    No one? No one uses them? This is the third of my forums I've tried for referances on and so far I've gotten only one response about them. It was a positive one but I'd like a few more before I pull the trigger.

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    No expereince with Forbidden Planet, but Big Bad Toy store ships internationally and I highly recommend them. I've bought quite a bit from them over the years and have never had a problem. I don't know if Entertainment Earth ships internationally or not (it would be kind of ironic if they didn't,) but I've had really good experiences with them as well.

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    Thanks man but I already use BBTS and wish I could get everything I'm looking for there but they don't appear to have the new AT-ST for preorder, or Wedge's X-wing or the Geonosis arena 2 packs - I do see these at

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    I get confused between and, never had any security issues with them, but also don't recall having much success with them either - I've ordered several times from both, but frequently end up cancelling my orders as they never show up. They seem to list loads of stuff, but not actually have it in stock, though they don't say as much, or say it's a pre-order, or when it's due in, etc. It's just there to buy, so you assume it's in stock, but more often than not, it isn't. Maybe they've improved, but I rarely bother looking at them any more.

    Have you got a TRU near you Devo? Last time I was in my local branch, they had Wedge's x-wing, but I think it was about 70.
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    No I don't think there is any Toys'r'us in the Republic of Ireland, maybe up the north.


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