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For those of you who have ridden it, though, how does the 3-D work with all the chair/ship movement? Is it jarring or headache-inducing at all, or pretty seamless? Also, have you noticed a difference in how the motion is used? Evidently, they were previously only utilizing 20% of the flight simulator's range of motion and have now greatly increased that, so I'm interested to know how this one compares.
It's not jarring, but it has a flaw I don't think they've considered (or is possibly the reason for slightly color-shifting the glasses), when you're moving around and your head isn't straight, the 3D effect is ruined. The polarization only works when you're looking at it straight, when you tilt your head the polarization of the light changes and it falls apart. It's generally only a momentary issue when it happens, you'll notice a color and shape that shouldn't be there in motion but as your head is moving around it'll return to vertical quickly and then it'll be clean again.

As for the motion, I have ridden 3 times (didn't end up riding on Thursday thanks to the line insanity) and it's not that noticeable an increase except at the back, where I hit my head several times - the back row really should be redesigned, since the beginning there's been no headrest except the back wall itself, and it's a taller area so feet dangle, and they shoehorned an extra seat that's jammed against the door. But I would say the motion isn't perceptibly greater except for response time, jarring from left to right or up to down.