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    The best Han Solo headsculpt I've seen

    Too bad it's on a GIJoe....

    Anyone know if this was "borrowed" from the Star Wars line? I don't feel like comparing it to all the bazillion Hans I have, and the nearly twice that many I don't.
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    The hair leads me to believe that it's not a direct copy, but damn, that's freaky.
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    That is just crazy. I hope hasbro is reading this right now.
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    That head would've looked good on one of the KotCS Indy's we got last year (with darker hair of course).

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    It didn't really look like Han to me at first glance. I tried covering up the hair, and that worked a bit better, but perhaps it looked more like Indy than Han.

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    It could be made into an older (NJO-era) Han Solo.

    They need to make the hero figures from that era anyway:

    Han in his 50's and Luke and Leia in their 40's.

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    It definitely looks like Indy from the Last Crusade, but the face is just not young enough for Han Solo.
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    I can't see it. maybe it's my eyes but even covering the blonde hair I still don't see Harrison Ford likeness....
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    That definitely looks like an older Harrison Ford to me. Freaky. I think I'll grab that for a NJO scene with the twins and that Luke from the Evolutions set.

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    I'm afraid this is the best I can get with our camera. It's pretty high-end, but the disadvantage is that the "camera-challenged" (like myself) have trouble focusing on small objects up close.
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