So I got the Toys R Us Clone Commander Manual this evening. The stores by me have nothing that interests me right now, so they let me purchase it for $14.99. As I expected, it is really made for little kids, like maybe under 8 or so. It's a little too advanced for my 4 year old, but we can work on it together. It has a few puzzle games to complete to earn badges (stickers) to advance you from Trooper to Commander. Its kinda nifty and I am sure I would have freaked out over it if I was the appropriate age. Not bad, but not all that great. If you don't have Commander Ponds yet, I would probably wait until they are giving him away instead. They also gave me a coupon to bring back in between 9/20 and 9/27 to receive a free Clone Wars poster. The 2 it shows on the coupon are of the new A-wing/Mon Calamari Lego set or One of Captian Rex with Commanders Cody, Ponds, and Gree. My 4 year old will LOVE that.