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    Yea! Jedi Starfighter - thanks Wal-Mart

    Wow, I read Jeditricks' "It's here! It's here!" story last night and figured it would take me awhile to find the Starfighter. But today I snagged one of at least two dozen sets. I'm excited to have my first new Star Wars toy I haven't started building it yet, but the pics on the box look cool It doesn't look like you can build the lil' droid though - it only has his dome.

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    Congrats, Caesar..
    I got mine at LEGOland when I went to San Diego.
    Its a good thing I didnt go out there just for that!!
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
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    I hate my Wal-Marts, they put out nothing! And these are supposed to be SuperCenters too.
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    i hope it at my walmart tommorow when i go there...........
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    Caesar, I misread your post and was gonna ask you why you bought 2 dozen of them.

    The droid is supposed to be just a dome, that is movie-accurate.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    St. Louis area is getting them

    I found my Jedi Starfighter at the Wal Mart in Troy, Missouri. I have been steering clear of spoilers, so I haven't really paid attention to the vehicles and such for the new movie. I saw the set and just had to have it. Pretty cool job with the landing gear.

    This was a much better find than when Ep I came out. I was always looking for the new releases prior to the May 3rd release date. I was excited when I found party supplies back then.
    Did they have any Oompa Loompas?

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    Lego Jedi Starfighter in PGH.

    I found one of eight at my Wal*Mart here in Pittsburgh. I thought it was a mistake and told the manager to check to make sure they were allowed to put this out yet. (i don't want one of my biggest suppliers of SW toys to be shut off from new merchandise.)

    So it seems that it is okay for WM to be putting this out.

    YIPPEE!-anakin EPI

    I still didn't take it out of the box yet in case it's a mistake.
    Move along, move along

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    It is a nice looking set, isnt it Jedi Master Sal? I am glad these are becoming available. It is helping me because I needed something to hold me over until the toys hit in April.
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
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    alternate builds

    I especially like the "dragster" alternate pictured on the back.

    I've been jones'in for new SW stuff for awhile now. It didn't even bother me to pay the $19.99 for the set. (i think 10-12 should have been enough though)
    Move along, move along

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    I am going to begin building mine this weekend!!
    Who hoo!!
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
    R12:2-Be Transformed


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