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Thread: Knoxville area

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    Knoxville area

    Strange that no one has posted a Knoxville thread before now...

    Not much going on right now, still haven't seen the TPM legacy wave and waiting anxiously for the ROTJ wave or anything else new. Latest finds were the Red 2 X-wing and the Wal-Mart evolutions packs back around 9/1. If anyone in the area finds anything, please post - I'm going through withdrawls!!!

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    Octuptarra found in Sevierville. Nothing else.

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    Found the ROTJ wave at a K-Mart. Still no sign of the AT-ST.

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    Found the dewback at Turkey Creek Wal-Mart. Three left after I got mine.

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    AT-ST is available at the Chapman highway Wal-Mart. There was one left on the shelf when I left and two cases on the stocker's pallet. Each case looked big enough to hold two boxes. Also some of the $25 vehicle assortment and the CW two packs. No dewback there that I saw and no new single carded figures.

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    Found the ROTJ wave in Maryville Target this weekend. They had at least two cases worth of most figures on the pegs when I left.

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    Chapman highway Wal-Mart has at least enough droid factory sets to make two full darktroopers.

    No sign of the dewback or AT-ST this week though. Plenty of clone wars figures to be found, very few legends and no legacy.

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    As of 11/20, Chapman highway had a ton of AT-STs but they weren't on the main aisle. They were two aisles toward the front on the "special" Chirstmas toy aisle. Still plenty of droid factory and evolutions sets - but if you're looking for them with the rest of the Star Wars toys, turn around. They're on the opposite side of the aisle. Plenty of CW figures too. Not too many Legends, and absolutely no Legacy or dewbacks.

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    Chapman Highway Walmart - Some of the ANH wave, but not much. Repacks from the ESB wave.

    Alcoa Walmart - Dewbacks a plenty.

    West town TRU - the entire ANH wave and repacks, several cases worth.

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    Sevierville Walmart - found the remains of the ROTS wave tonight. Colton, Plo Koon, Utai. Didn't need any so they're still there. Tons of CW and Legends, not much Legacy to be found. Only saw one dewback left and a couple of AT-STs.


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