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    what figure is this?

    this pic is from the collections page, I'm wondering who the tall figure is standing to the right of the dancers, his head is in the arch and looks like a wolf. He has dark skin and long ears, never seen him before. thanks.

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    Not quite sure which one you mean, but it's likely Saelt-Marae, Ishi Tib, or Orrimaarko.

    The autocensor fiddled with the middle half of the Ishi Tib link, so just re-work it and you'll see.
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    The green guy or the brown one? Brown is the Elom (Tanus Spi'jek, or something like that). The green one, I can't tell... it looks either like Coleman Trebor, or maybe a custom Melas.
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    Hmmm... You're probably right about the Ishi Tib, but that is one weird angle on him.
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    I just wasn't sure what was being asked in the first place. It sounds like he's describing Saelt-Marae, but I was confused by the "his head is in the arch" comment, thinking he was talking about either Orrimaarko or Ishi Tib. Who knows.
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    thanks for the replies. The guy in question is the tallest guy on the main floor, directly above Boba Fett. He's not Yak Face or Tanus, or Prune Face. Sorry for the small pic, here is the link.

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    It does appear to be Ishi Tib. As Chux said, it is a weird angle. His head looks like Coleman Trebor's (or a wolf) turned to the left, when it's actually Ishi Tib's head turned to the right. Boba Fett's rocket kind of threw me off a bit at first as well, as it looked like a design on Ishi Tib.

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    It looks like when you embedded it, the picture suffered some file compression and it wasn't clear. In the original, I can see some more detail on the face, and that's definitely Ishi Tib. No question.
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    definately Ishi Tib.
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