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    would you buy a new improved carbon freezing chamber

    This is one playset Hasbro should consider doing. A larger, more realistic, more detailed and movie accurate version. Hopefully 2 to 3 times as big as the old one, with plenty of floor space and a larger stair/walkway section where the beginning of the duel takes place. Lights would be cool because they enhance the atmosphere, but are optional. Sounds from Empire would be nice too "He's alive, and in perfect hybernation".

    Obviously you can do a lot with the freezing process, such as sound fx when Han lowers into the chamber. And have a Han-in-carbonite block be pulled up afterwards by the mechanical claw, like the film (anyone remember the micro world version of this?). There's a lot you could do with it, but I think it would be a good seller. In what price range? 70-80$? It is from a memorable part of Star Wars, has plenty of action features similar to the bmf, and can utilize a dozen or more figures- which would sell more figs.

    What other features would you want? What figures packed with it? Could they have a two part playset here... the first part is the freezing chamber, the second is the tunnel and hallway below where Luke searches for Vader, then gets sucked out the window. Here are pics of 2 great dioramas to ponder.

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    Although it would be an amazing piece to get playsets just don't seem to sell as well as vehicles. Maybe all of that has changed with the release of the AT-TE and BMF though.
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    Slicker said it. No way it would sell, so no way a retailer would give it shelf space. They didn't even want it the first time, and re-releasing that one would be a $40+ adventure. Just save up for the Micro-verse one. Best Bespin Sets ever!
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    Nice custom playset, but there is no way that Hasbro would invest in something of that size. I think the POTJ Carbon Freeze Chamber playset is the best we can hope for and, to be honest, I don't think it was all that bad. It's pretty consistent with what we might have seen in the vintage Kenner days and the vintage figures interact with that playset perfectly.
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    I would not care to see another freezing chamber. If Hasbro ever did Bespin, I would hope they concentrate on a ESB final duel set. The Micro set, without the chamber portion, only 3.5" scale, would be perfect and cheap to do.
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    I for one would buy it, and think other older fans would too. Hey it's an awesome set both in looks and playability. For amount of screen time I think it has to be in the top 3 of any playset made or unmade. So here's question #2, if Hasbro decided to remake the old one, only added new features and made it slightly bigger would you be interested? If not why? Here are pics of what it might look like. (You can still answer the first question as well)

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    Wow fantastic improv in those last 2 pics to get the old one a better size with more standing room. And I love the railings lining the walls and of course the roof detail. Is that yours or did you lift those pics from somewhere?

    In answer to the question yes I would buy a new one - at this point I'd take any OT playset, preferably more to scale and with greater attention to detail and set accuracy - so more of a diorama than playset but if it has to have firing missiles I'll deal.

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    What was wrong with the POTF2 one?




    Oh, yeah. That's right. I'm not buying any toys that aren't Lego or 3 3/4" figures, and I'm very picky about my choices on those anyway.
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    The pics and dioramas are not mine, I'm just using them for demonstration. It's not that there's anything wrong with the old one, I just like the thought of a larger, more movie accurate version.

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    I like the old one fine. I'd rather they spent the tooling dollars elsewhere.
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