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    I do remember having a hard time getting this ship to stay put when I did the Boba Fett 300th display.

    The Falcon with Cloud cars was as problematic as mentioned by Taichi because of its weight and just the same for the Imperial Shuttle.

    It's also fun to do them in flight formation like the Y-Wings and the B-Wings.

    To be a bit more creative, I used a poster of the moon as a background for the Outrider.

    How about showing your own in-flight scenes?
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    Here's an idea for the Slave 1 if you want it to stay in one spot with little moving: Take 3 pieces of string, put one piece under each wing like Taichi said to do with the TIE Fighter, then tie the other piece to the handle in the back but put it at an angle so the lines can't twist up and it should stay sturdy enough, plus you can take front pictures and not worry about the strings getting in the picture easily.
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