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    Question on hanging ships from my ceiling

    hey im just getting into this whole diorama thing (all my figs have been in collector's cases) and i was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to hang ships form my ceiling...if it helps, i plan on hanging the naboo fighter, x-wing (power f/x version), tie fighter, vader's tie, and maybe jango fett's slave 1 when/if i get it...any help would be appreciated, and i thank anyone who replies to this message beforehand.

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    If you'd like to do something like my Rebel Fleet Convoy, then you're in for a treat!

    First off, what is your ceiling made of? If it's plaster, then you'll need some sturdy hooks to screw in for support. If it's a drop ceiling you'd just need to find some spots between the frames to tie your ships. Other than those I've mentioned, you'll need to get from your local hardware store the appropriate screws with hooks that will hold up.

    Second, plan the layout of how you're going to hang them. The last thing you'd want is a ceiling full of holes. Make sure that the combined weight of the ships will not stress out the ceiling itself.

    Last, I've used the mono-filament fishing line (10 lbs test) to hang my ships. This way I am able to get the pics without having to edit out the strings. Some have used wires to hang pictures which are also sturdy but would show more obtrusively than the fishing line.
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    Hey you guys are great! I wanted to do the same with all the vehicles I have. THanks

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    I have plaster ceilings. So I went with J-hooks. People use these to hang plants. They usually come in a pack of 2 that includes 2 long headless screws, 2 folding anchors & to headless woodscrews. The J-Hooks actually attach to the screws. Your local discount or hardware store should carry these.
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    I actually have Vader's Tie and 2 Ties from Black Squadron in "attack formation" chasing an X-Wing. I should take a pic and post it sometime.
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    In my modest little house and in my tiny little room, I took a long wardrobe hanging pole and screwed the end brackets into the walls so that the pole spanned across the corners of the room. I had to bend the end brackets slightly to get a 45 angle but this means less stress on the ceiling. I used a white pole to match the white ceiling. as I'm looking up at the ships it doesn't show noticeably. This gave me a pole strong enough to hang the royal starship and two naboo fighters from with 12lb fishing line. Another pole has Two tie interceptors and Vaders tie on it. Another has the falcon, the outrider, a T-16 and slave-1 on it. Another has two tie fighters and a gap for the tie bomber and then the two podracers. If I crossed the room from side to side using the same principle of pole and bracket i could hang any more I might get.

    Hanging is not easy. Tie the line round points on the ship that will not get stressed and bend under the weight. Use more lines than you think you need.
    On the FX X-wing when I had it hung I had one line from the front nose, one from just behind the cockpit and one from the back of the ship where the wings meet the fuselage then for extra, I had lines from the wings just to stabilise it.
    I wrap the line around and then clip a lead fishing weight over the knot to secure the it when I tie the line. The weight stops the line from slipping and the knot from undoing itself. tie the knot several tmes over not just once. This will be very very secure.

    Get assistance when hanging and don't try to support the ship yourself when working at height. You tie the knots and let someone else hold the ship in the position you want it. Wrap the line round the pole and pull tight then knot several times over and secure the knot with a lead weight again. repeat the process and adjust the length of the lines after first wrapping it round the pole. This stops the ship slipping around too much while you tie the knots which can be really fiddly.

    Take the batteries out of the ships before hanging them. this reduces weight stress.

    remember that heat rises so the danger of the plastic discolouring increases the higher you have your ship. Heat from radiators is the worst thing for plastics like the ships are made from.

    The only problem I had with hanging my X-wing was that I kept nearly taking my eye out on the guns. Be careful.

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    What exactly do you mean by "plastic discoloration"? What is the heat going to do to the vehicles? Is it going to be something very noticeable?

    What I'm planning to do is hang some of my vehicles from my collection room in the attic (3rd floor) of my house. They won't be near any radiators, but it can get very hot up there during the summer. What kind of possible damage might I be looking at?
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    Okay, both the vinyl and the polysyrene based plastics used to make ships and vehicles will age and discolour. heat will add a slightly darker tint to the plastics in a general way but if the plastics are close to a heat source they will yellow. Ultraviolet light will also yellow plastics as it degrades the surface. This means that if you have a window in the room you display your toys you should think about adding some kind of filter to it. A blind or curtains that are fairly thick and let the least amount of light through. at the top of the house you get the most heat. it rises from the rest of the house and you also get the heat of the sun beating down on the roof above. Effectively this heat 'dries' out the plastic for want of a better description. In a room, the heat hovers mostly at ceiling level. So the best place for ships is on lower shelves. But if you hang your ships just invest in a fan to cool things down when the sun shines.

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    I've done this myself, and can state that the only ship I had problems hanging from my ceiling was the Millenium Falcon.....and that's merely due to the weight.....

    for smaller ships, just tie the line where it won't stress the ship......the TIE fighter is easy (As is the Interceptor), just tie the lines on the posts of the removable wings....then put the wings on.....and you're done....

    the OLD X-WIng (POTF2), is also fairly simple....tie the string around the fuselage, where the top wing meets the body of the ship.......on both sides, and another string around the nose.....

    I've not tried the Naboo Fighter, but I'd venture a guess that it's just as simple....two strings around the fuselages, where the engines attach to the body, and another one in the joint where the tail meets the body.......

    the A-Wing was a complete nightmare.....but just tie two around the guns, and another around the lever that opens the cockpit.......

    Slave One is a tough one, if you're not sure how to do wants to spin on you (Kinda like the TIE Fighter), no matter what you do......just tie two around the 'wings', and attach them to different hooks, and you should be fine......
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    For the Slave I, I went with a line around each wing, and then another around the nose guns at the bottom. That way you can position it on an angle if you like, and it won't spin.

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