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    Qui-Gon Jedi Armour

    Well, I finally bought this figure yesterday. Man, am I a little disappointed. I thought he might be good for sparing w/ Obi Jedi Training but nooooo! There's no arm articulation to allow for a 2-handed grip. I guess I should have kept up w/ the reviews of this figure back when it came out.
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    Yeah, it's best to leave the Qui on the side lines or something and let Maul & Obi fight it out. It's funny, the Obi was almost fully canceled due to the Cold Weather Obi but they decided to go ahead and make it and both Obi figures turned out better than Qui.
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    Heck, I'm disapointed that Hasbro produced these POTJ EU figures. I mean I have them, but instead of wasting thier time with EU figures we could of got a few more Classics before the POTJ line died.
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    Yeah. I'd have rather had a nice Crix Madine figure instead. Or a Cloud Car Pilot. Maybe an Imperial Dignitary. Or a Wooof. A Chief Chirpa might have been nice. I don't know, an Echo Base tech?

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    There was something that bothered me about the Jedi Armor figures, and I could never put my finger on it, until now. Male characters in Star Wars rarely, if ever change clothes. Now, if they did something like a Security Training Amidala, that would've been credible.

    As far as figures to put in the place of these, definately Sei Taria, Crix Madine, and a POTJ-style Yoda.
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    Luke has plenty of wardrobe changes...

    Anyway, I still like the idea of EU figures but why not ones that are from the comics and books and have larger fan followings?

    There's already an EU demand thread for new characters running in the Dear Hasbro Section, if you are inclined to support this idea, add your voice to the demand so Hasbro hears you!

    I might add here that if Hasbro wanted to do main movie characters that were recognizable even in Expanded Universe costumes, there were:

    Luke as Jedi Master (NJO - Onslaught)
    Leia as New Republic Chief of State (Black Fleet Crisis)
    Han from New Jedi Order (Hero's Trial)
    Han in environmental suit (Balance Point)
    Leia in environmental suit (Balance Point)
    Luke as Talon Karrde's Prisoner (HTTE)
    Leia in Jedi Training Gear (Heir to the Empire)
    Lando as Nkklon Mining Baron (Heir to the Empire)
    Lando as Coruscant Guard (Shadows of the Empire)
    Leia as Xizor's Prisoner (Shadows of the Empire)
    Luke as TIE Fighter Pilot (Dark Force Rising)
    Luke in Pirate Disguise (Specter of the Past)

    Obi-Wan as Jedi Trainee (Jedi Apprentice Books)
    Obi-Wan as Bandomeer Slave (The Dark Rival)
    Ki-Adi Mundi in Tatooine Peasant Disguise (Outlander)
    Ki-Adi Mundi as Emissary to Malastare
    Aurra Sing as Jedi Padawan

    and so forth.

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    I thought the qui gon jinn in armor was an excellent figure. Its a hundred times better then Obi kenobi, jedi training.

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    I agree with the folks who believe they should have made some more obscure OT figures rather than those EU stinkers.

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    I like the Qui-Gon but arm articulation would have made it worlds better.
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    Originally posted by brentfett
    I agree with the folks who believe they should have made some more obscure OT figures rather than those EU stinkers.
    There's nothing wrong with the EU figures, particularly the Cold Training Obi-Wan. He's excellent.

    Besides I don't want to have every alien and human seen for .005 seconds in one of the films. I'd like to have a couple of the figures Tycho mentioned, in particular, figures from the Thrawn Trilogy and the New Jedi Order. They don't need a whole line, but the POTF2 EU figures Hasbro made were EXCELLENT. I wish they would do that again, with a small selection of major characters or scenes from EU sources likt the video games and books/comics.
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