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    Hasbro Starfighter 3/9....but....'re basically going to need to bl## someone to get it, as Hasblo has decided to only release 6000 of them cross the country with the bulk going to TRU NYC. Excuse me, but hasn't TRU like...SUCKED with POTJ for the past 2 years?!?!?! Why do they now get the lion's share? AND...with keeping with the new TRU (old FAO) CEO, the price will be $2957.99.
    I saw this report at Rebelscum.

    I can honestly say the LAST straw for me and this new line of figures is if Hasblo starts really playing games with distribution. Either release the damn thing so everyone, not just scalpers, can get it OR keep it until 4.23!

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    Well this bums the heck out of me, since the Jedi Starfighter is the vehicle I was most looking forward to. But there WILL BE MORE later on, so I wouldn't suggest anyone buy them on Ebay or anything, unless you have the money to blow.

    Also, remember that this is just a RUMOUR. It might be true, or it might not. The original report came from Raving Toy Maniac, which I read a lot, but their information is a lot less reliable compared to SirSteves. So I wouldn't take it for fact until it shows up here.

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    Here is the news from Raving Toy Maniac.:

    A little birdie in the know has told RTM that on March 9th, there will be a small number of Star Wars Episode II Jedi Starfighter vehicles released in stores. (Not the LEGO version, which is already out in Wal-Mart stores, but the regular Hasbro version in the blue and white packaging.)

    How small a number? 6,000.

    The 6,000 to be released early will be split among several retailers, including Toys'R'Us. New York City collectors will fare the best, as the bulk of the allotment for Toys'R'Us will be sent to the Times Square TRU location.

    The retail at Toys'R'Us for the Starfighter is $19.99 USD, and the SKU number is 525060.

    Have patience, young Jedi... If you can't find the Starfighter in March, wait for the April launch of the Episode II product line.

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    I fully expected all preview mechandise to be limited. TRU still has preview STAPs and the Gian Speeder/Theed playset. So if each store gets six apiece for 990 stores, and extra for TRU TS, then that will give a good indicator of how well the merchandise will move.

    Once the movie hits, the stores that have no more will order more, and those with Fighters still sitting will wait until those are gone.

    So if you get one, great, if not, you'll probably have one by the time Obi (Pilot) arrives.
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    Well lucky, lucky me.

    no,seriously, if I have the cash I will grab a few to dole out at normal prices, merely for compensation

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    So about 3000 should be on ebay on the 10th.
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    Just wait until April, you'll have no problem finding them then. And just wait until December, you'll have no problem finding them for $5.

    It is a little sneaky of Hasbro to release a small amount, mainly to NYC, but its not like these ships won't be everywhere a few weeks later.
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    Yeah, but for the initial hit, I'm sure some TRU's won't get their Starfighters and they'll magicly go to the nearest scalper shop.
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    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    More will be released in April, I am not worried. It's not that big of a deal.
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    I'm not worried either. I will probably drop by my local TRU that day, just to stop in and look, but I do not expect to find one.
    I am perfectly content with my LEGO one, and I can wait until April.
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