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    Fun ways to get more use out of your bmf and at -ae

    Right now both vehicles are set up in dioramas (bmf is in a docking bay 94 scene) but when I first got them - Christmas in July sales - my little niece and nephew had a blast with them. One of the things to do with the Falcon was play "find R2" where we took turns hiding R2 somewhere in the Falcon. There's plenty of hiding spots in the interior so the game lasts a while. Good hiding spots include: the cockpit, the back of the gunner's station, escape pod, the storage room, behind the radar dish post, smuggling compartments, etc.

    with their young enthusiasm you can imagine the fun they had with the sounds and action features. I think every button was pressed a hundred times. Missiles were also fun and you have to be careful not to lose any. Arranging clones in the at-ae can provide a lot of fun too. Having the troops go on a mission to find battle droids, then deploy into battle. I usually don't like firing missiles on toys, but having all the missiles on this one was a blast and they fire a long ways.

    Lastly I wanted to find out how many figures could fit into the falcon. I started piling them in there, I kept running out and had to find more loose figures. I didn't have it overflowing the top, just had it looking like a mosh pit. I took them out and counted. Came up with a number of 113! Now that's one impressive toy that can hold over 100 figures!

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    In your 2nd pic, it looks like Cody is teabagging someone.
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    The crowd surfing Ree Yees cracks me up.

    My daughter wanted the Falcon for Christmas last year. She also enjoys cramming figures into it, but she hasn't broke the 100 figure mark yet. For her, everyone has to have a seat even if it's on top of the game table or the assorted ledges. Can't wait to see what she'll do with the turbo tank.

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    I had to take my stuff down for the baby that's coming. I forgot to count how many I stuffed in there.
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    more pics, the last pic is when things just turned to chaos! bodies everywhere.

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    My daughter is very picky about who goes where. Factor in that I tried to offload a spare Vader on her that I didn't need and she didn't want, and it quickly turned into a bit of a game. The BMF gave me a ton of places to play "hide the Sith lord" and drive her up the wall.


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