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    Walmart Code

    I would love to see the new clone wars clips, but we dont have Walmart in Norway. Anyone in North America that can post the code so I can see the clips???


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    So it's just a sneak peak of Season 2? I wonder if it's the same one that Lucasfilm aired during their panel at SDCC.

    "Go to Walmart to get the secret code..."

    Boy that's informative. What are the odds that any one employee at WM would have a friggin' clue what this is?
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    Its not the trailer Lucasfilm has shown its a few scenes taken directly from the first 2 episodes

    Code is "bountyhunter" btw
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    Yeah . . . I didn't see the code today at Walmart but I entered the code and the videos are awesome!!! They've really improved Yularen's animation. Felucia was cool and it was good to see the Jedi Council, especially Obi-Wan as a member. GeonosisJedi will be very pleased by video 2.
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