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    Fans' Choice Poll - Official Top 30

    I assume it will be making the rounds, but here it is, as seen on RS and in alphabetical order:

    1. Admiral Pellaeon
    2. Bariss Offee
    3. Bastila Shan
    4. Ben Quadinaros
    5. Bom Vimdin
    6. Cane Adiss
    7. Cliegg Lars
    8. Cordé
    9. Darth Caedus
    10. Darth Plagueis
    11. Darth Sidious (Senate Duel)
    12. Dash Rendar
    13. Dormé
    14. Dr. Evazan
    15. Grand Moff Tarkin (A New Hope)
    16. Guri (SOTE: Evolutions)
    17. Jaxxon
    18. Jocasta Nu
    19. Joruus C'Baoth
    20. Kister and Wald (2-Pack)
    21. Queen Apailana
    22. Queen Jamillia
    23. Rebel Fleet Trooper
    24. Sgt. Doallyn
    25. Sim Aloo
    26. Taym Dren-Garen
    27. Tey How
    28. Toryn Farr
    29. Tzizvvt
    30. Weequay Skiff Master

    I have to say, overall, I'm quite pleased. The crossover figures from my own top 30 are: Cliegg, Senate Duel Sidious, Cane Adiss, Kitster/Wald (didn't know they could be in a two-pack on this poll), Ben Quadinaros, Toryn Farr, and Sim Aloo, but the rest are all solid choices in my book.

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    I find it a bit tough to believe that resculpts of Dash Rendar and the Rebel Fleet Trooper made the Top 30, especially with there being no Ewoks or Ewok-related characters at all, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say they've already got those two in the works.

    Interesting that Kitster and Wald were counted as a 2-pack, despite that being against the official rules for nominations.
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    Well, both Dash and the Rebel Fleet Trooper did quite well on a number of other sites' polls. Droid compiled all the info into a thread here. They've said they're going to do all the vintage Ewoks and seem to be at a good pace for new ones, so I'm not worried about them not being on the list.

    I want all these figures to be made (er, I guess I could do without some of the EU stuff), and I'm assuming that their placement on the list at least bumps them up in Hasbro's mind. They've said they won't make Jaxxon, Jocasta Nu, or Ben Quadinaros, so it would be nice to see those three near the top. Of course, I'm pulling for my boy Cliegg, but I don't doubt that they'll eventually get to him, so we'll see.

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    Ah, I forgot how those entirely worthless resculpts (in the case of the Rebel, resculpt of a headswap of a resculpt of a resculpt) did on some sites. Nice to see a minimum of dumb EU characters, but it would be nice to see more cool ones. Darth Caedus is the only absolute no-brainer non-buy for me (unless I buy them all to melt and recycle into tampons, which I won't do because Caedus is too stupid an idea to glorify with that). Even as much as I can say I wouldn't buy the Sidious or Bastila Shan (who I had to look up), they're both figures I could see buying if they look cool.
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    I'd buy 21 or 22 of those. Not bad. I'd have had a lot more of Jabbas guards on it myself but so be it. Glad to see Doallyn, Taym and Weequay Skiffmaster on there. I think this as good as guarantees that they'll be made.

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    Without looking up any I don't know, I would happily get the following:

    Admiral Pellaeon
    Bariss Offee (Please for the love of all that is holy, no softgoods)
    Bastila Shan
    Darth Caedus (only because he's Sith)
    Darth Plagueis
    Dash Rendar
    Guri (SOTE: Evolutions) (about damned time)
    Jocasta Nu
    Joruus C'Baoth
    Sgt. Doallyn
    Toryn Farr

    I always find I'm more interested in the EU figures. New Sulpt Han with smirk canted .007 degrees off of the cant of the previous sculpt interests me not in the least. Extra off the left that you need computer enhancement to see without behind-the-scenes documentation interests me not in the least. Just watch, since they had Jocasta Nu in the Clone Wars animated series, we'll get her there before we get her in realistic sculpt.
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    Not a bad list overall. When does voting begin?
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    These characters didn't receive particularly strong support in a cross site comparison: Bariss Offee, Darth Caedus, Rebel Fleet Trooper.

    I think Mosep appeared on 6 lists and didn't make the Top 30. Cin Drallig and Darth Sion each made 5 lists and didn't make the Top 30. I don't know how strong support was for those three characters on the lists they did make though.

    I think it's a great list and much better than last time they did this. It feels like a much more open process.

    I'm excited that if the line keeps going we'll likely see all of these, many of which are on my own short list for figures I'd like. Of course, I may have to vote like it's the last Legacy figure we'll ever get.

    I am very torn on a vote for Bom, who I want the most of those listed, or Taym Dren-Garen, who I feel is more obscure and I've always campaigned for.

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    I'm torn between Pelleon and Evazzan. That really hits me at my collecting focus. Tears me in two. Course can't wait to see how bad the ballot stuffing is for the vocal minority since they can't talk in the library.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbarnard View Post
    I'm torn between Pelleon and Evazzan. That really hits me at my collecting focus. Tears me in two. Course can't wait to see how bad the ballot stuffing is for the vocal minority since they can't talk in the library.
    Pellaeon is a boring fat Imperial officer, which is a combination that guarantees pegwarmer status. Dr. Evazan is a sorely needed upgrade of a memorable character who has dialogue and interacts with main characters in one of the most famous scenes in the entire saga.

    So, it's your call.


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