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    I bought the Mark Ecko Stormtrooper Hoodie Today!

    Check me out: I'm stylin' - channeling my inner nerd!

    I bought the stormtrooper hoodie today

    ShopStarWars is asking $98 for this? WTF?!

    I got it for $50 from Hot Topic, right in the store, no shipping. I'm not even sure it's worth $50, but you'd pay about $30 at least for a zip-up hoodie anyway.

    I have a lot of sports ones (Padres, Chargers) so I figured it was time to geek out with something I'd just use to wear to the gym.

    I swear you can't even really tell it's SW when the hood's not zipped up. It just looks spiffy and stylin' - stormtrooper style!

    Open the blast doors! My inner-geek is taking off!!!
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    You're a HOODlum!!!
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    Nice grab! I think it's a pretty nice coat, despite the poor job on the hood. Agreed that it looks the least Star Wars, so it fits in better with everyday use. I wouldn't mind grabbing one sometime, but no Hot Topics nearby.

    Be sure to take some pics!
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    Nice pickup. I have been wanting one of these, especially the Boba Fett. I will have to stop by Hot Topic next time I hit the mall.
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    I like the Stormie hood, since my focus are OT Imperials. Nice haul.
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    I don't like the look of the hood itself, but the rest is pretty spiffy.

    I've got two hoodies (an Autobot logo I got as a gift, and a Run-DMC one I found on clearance at Target), so I'm good in the hoodie department. Unless they make a Jawa or Ewok. Those would be tempting.
    That's my jacket!

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    [FONT=Courier New]I think my wife may get this one for me this year if she can't find the Luke X Wing one.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New][/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]She got me the Boba Fett one last Christmas. Now that it's cold out, I am going to start wearing it again.[/FONT]
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