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    IG 88 is the coolest droid

    as much as I like the droids in Jabba's dungeon I think IG 88 is the most badass. His arsenal alone is unmatched. What is your favorite droid (non R2/3po)... I think the super battle droid is the only one who comes close. Love the wrist blaster.

    Speaking of Jabba's dungeon I think a diorama or playset of it would be cool. They could do a cardboard fold out one like they did for Jabba's Palace and the Cantina. Though a full scale playset would be better, they could have the prison cells, the corridor where creatures try to grab C3PO, and the area where EV 9D9 and 8D8 work.

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    He gets ripped apart in Jabba's Palace and he still finds a way back to the Alliance during the briefing.

    He's unstoppable.

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    That's after fighting in the Clone Wars and being destroyed by Vader. And he chilled with the Obi-Three. The 'bot is indeed unstoppable.
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    True, that's another pwn for The Deuce. He really doesn't get enough credit for inspiring Obi-Three to practice constantly.

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    I like 2 1B, but he's a doctor while IG 88 is an assassin which is cooler in my book. 2 1B would get messed up if they fought.

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    Um, hello, 2-1B would sneak some sort of debilitating virus into IG-88's death star brain and get away with it by hiding behind his medical malpractice insurance.

    He may just be a doctor, but he's a doctor of love.

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    If you can watch those and not agree that The Deuce is the coolest droid EVER, and IG-88 aspires to be half as cool, I pity your soul.

    Not saying IG-88 isn't cool himself. But he's no Deuce.
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    "somebody dropped a deuce in the street" . I remember seeing the original 2 1B in a star wars exhibit alongside FX 7 (not far from the wampa suit). It was like being inside Echo Base. Fond memories of the figure too back in the 80s. But the IG 88 figure was the measuring stick of all figures. He's always been my favorite, the fact he has no speaking parts in the movie only makes him more badass. Wish they would have given him more screen time though.

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    As a figure IG-88 maybe a nice sculpt but its legs (specifically at the "ankles") suck. He topples over or warps over time. 2-1B, any BAD, etc don't. Plus, he's not even the real hero of Star Wars. Everyone knows the real hero is R2-D2.
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    You're all wrong. It's R5-D4, or "Skippy the Jedi Droid," who single-handedly decided the fate of the entire Star Wars universe.


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