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    What vehicles do you think need to be REdone?

    Although there aren't many vehicles that haven't been made from the saga yet, there are plenty that could use refreshes that haven't gotten them lately. Here's a short list of existing vehicles with that criteria of "haven't been updated lately", but the question is, which ones NEED to be redone?

    TPM -

    • Naboo Fighter
    • Anakin's Podracer
    • Sebulba's Podracer
    • Flash Speeder
    • AAT
    • Royal Starship
    • Darth Maul Sith Speeder (aka Bloodfin, FC-20 Speederbike)
    • STAP

    AOTC -

    • Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter
    • Swoop bike
    • Republic Gunship
    • Anakin's airspeeder
    • Zam Wesell's airspeeder
    • Jango's Slave I
    • Geonosian Fighter

    ROTS -

    • Republic Speederbike (paint, and no poncho on back is the only real difference, tooling for the Ep 2 cut scene version has been lost)
    • ARC-170
    • AT-RT (Ep 3 version)
    • BARC Speeder
    • Eta 2 Jedi Starfighter
    • Droid Tri-Fighter
    • Grievous' Wheel Bike
    • Wookiee Flyer

    ANH -

    • X-wing Fighter
    • Luke's Landspeeder
    • Sandcrawler
    • T-16 Skyhopper
    • Vader's TIE Advanced (this has been redone a little lately, but not a major overhaul)
    • Y-wing Fighter (due for a few fixes next year, but that's not going to be a major overhaul)

    ESB -

    • AT-AT
    • AT-ST (Hoth version, it's different from the Endor version)
    • Slave I
    • TIE Bomber

    ROTJ -

    • Imperial Speederbike
    • Skiff
    • B-wing Fighter
    • A-wing Fighter (updates have been done, but not a major overhaul)
    • Imperial Shuttle

    So, which of those vehicles do you think actually NEEDS to be redone?
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    AT-AT (please, please, please) and ROTJ speederbike are the 2 most needed in my opinion.

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    ROTJ speeder bike is most in need. Handlebars, flaps, foot mechanism, exploding feature, t-bar left over...just chuck it all away and start over.

    After that I'd say bring the AT-AT and than B-Wing and Y-Wing closer to scale of the X-Wing. (This assumes that A-Wing/TIES and Snowspeeder are closest to scale).

    Beyond that, not much needs to happen.
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    Here's my list:

    Naboo Fighter - needs a re-release, it's been too long considering it's been seen in all 3 prequels and even the SE of ROTJ. Could use chrome on the front end, and a removable R2 dome so BAD domes could be swapped in. Could use a little updating on the cockpit, but otherwise a very satisfying toy. I even dig the electronics and would hope they are kept since it is a rather narrow ship.

    Darth Maul Sith Speeder - I like the one we have, but it feels incomplete, like it needs something more going on, and I'm not sure what.

    STAP - yeah, why not? The original gimmick was cute, but it is a little too tall and flexible controls, so many figures can't use it. I would think keeping the shooting missiles is likely, I don't love them - I'm missing a cannon on one of mine, but I know it helps with sales - but the movable foot platform needs to be dumped.

    Anakin's Airspeeder - I would like to see this done bigger to better fit the figures, maybe with electronic lights and sounds. Low priority on my list though.

    Zam's Airspeeder - I would like to see this bigger as well, the original has a ton of scale and play problems. And it too might benefit from lights & sounds. But again, low priority for me.

    Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter - I like the old one but it could be more authentic too. I'd like to see one with interchangable droid domes, a more usable cockpit, and movie-accurate landing gear. Maybe also a better interpretation of the communication dish. Not a major priority but would be nice, I'd buy.

    Geonosian Fighter - late addition, I had forgotten about it. But everybody knows what the problem is, the limp nose situation. Ya already have plenty of pointy toys Hasbro, don't worry about this one, or at the least, make only the front tips rubbery rather than the whole nose.

    Republic Speederbike - hell yeah, the lost tooling was very good but it also was too flexible and lacked a floaty stand. Get 'r done!!!

    ARC-170 - I don't really like this ship's design, but the one we have isn't particularly faithful or fun. I'd like to see the guns done more accurately, they could move the missiles to some invented thing on the fuselage or something. I'd like to see the wings open via gearing. I'd like to see better detailing all around, inside and out. The bomb chute and handle suck, fix or dump. This wouldn't be something I'd likely buy, but for those who would, it should be redone.

    AT-RT - The one we have has some charm, but also some problems and a lack of leg joints.

    BARC Speeder - this one has been updated once, but the update was really sloppy and poorly detailed and un-fun.

    Eta 2 Jedi Starfighter - Fix the problem with the droid socket!!! Also, the scale is a little off and doesn't need to be, the cockpit could be scaled down about 10% without changing the footprint yet still hold a figure. Maybe a seatbelt in the cockpit, something to keep the pilot from flopping about in there. Straighten the main guns, move the wing guns out a little. Make the engines a little bigger. This one I'd say is a medium-priority for me, I like the original but it has enough funkiness going on that I'd like to own one of a different design too.

    X-wing Fighter - less floppy wings, a torpedo-firing gimmick (better than the crummy Power FX original though), of course electronic light up engines and sounds for the guns and engines would be fantastic. A more secure droid slot. A more accurate and a little roomier cockpit. Another low priority, but the one we have is a little dull. HOWEVER, we also need a $20 X-wing, kids can't afford or whoosh a $50 one. That should be a higher priority, and I'd buy it.

    Luke's Landspeeder - the POTJ one is probably nice (I don't have one), but it hasn't been seen in a while. It also seems a little too small in scale, but that might be wrong. At the very least, it needs better paint.

    Y-wing Fighter - after the release of the Clone Wars version, the ANH version seems even more out of touch. Scale is off, droid slot doesn't work, cockpit is crummy, detailing is pretty cheesy by today's standards (it has a lot, but it's all raised lines). A more accurate canopy, some removable domes on the front of the engines, maybe even the removable panels that once covered it would be keen.

    Slave I - a little bigger and with a real interior would be great. Usable rear hatch too. I really want this.

    Imperial Speederbike - see the notes on the Republic version, then add an Endor paintjob and a poncho on the back.

    Skiff - the one we have looks cool, but is pretty small and rickety with narrow legs and flop-over railings, the back can't hold Pote Snitkin whose only job in life is to drive the thing, and the plank is too short and has a silly gimmick.

    AT-AT - nah. Wait, no, everything about this needs to be redone. EVERYTHING. A neck that doesn't flop about. Legs that aren't ridiculously skinny and narrow. A body that isn't an empty boring box. A head that isn't just wrong so it can have a bunch of gimmicks for the gun. A cockpit that isn't just 2 molded chairs.
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    I've been happy with most of the vehicles. Some of them have quirks, and could be fixed, but that doesn't always mean they need a complete overhaul.

    The speeder bike is one that I want probably above all others. I love the design of the 2002 one, but it is indeed too flimsy.

    I noticed the snowspeeder isn't on the list - is that because they're probably doing a new one? I can't remember if they confirmed this or were just working on it or what. I'm not entirely sure it needs to happen, since I can't really tell how "off" the scale is, though everyone seems to think it's wrong. I'd like more of them, at any rate, since I only have the Zev one.

    As to the Y-wing, I'm interested in seeing the upgrades they're doing to it. I don't yet have the Clone Wars version but I'm also interested in seeing how the old one stacks up before saying anything either way. (In related news, I'd love a maroon Geonosis Y-wing from last night's episode.)

    I only just got the POTF2 AT-AT a few weeks ago, so it's still "new" to me, even though I got the Endor one when it came out. I think a bigger update would indeed be quite cool, so here's hoping the Turbo Tank sells well.

    I don't really care about a new Slave I - it did some stuff in AOTC, and the AOTC version represents that well, I think. Sure, you could scale it up to have seats and hold Han in carbonite, but what's the point?

    On repaints, I'd like the B-wing with the spiffy new cockpit to be repainted into ROTJ colors. I guess they could fix the landing gear on that one, since it's a little cheap. I'd also like a few more X-wings since I love the current mold - at least Red Three so Biggs can have his own ride. I suppose I could buy a bunch of Wedge's X-wing and make a Special Edition diorama.
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    The Snowspeeder that our Q&A questions pushed them into making is on track for 2010 as of their last answer a few months ago.

    The Y-wing upgrades next year are I believe cockpit and landing gear based on what they told me at SDCC. Don't put the OT Y-wing next to the CW Y-wing if you ever want to respect that OT version again, it becomes so sad-looking when compared.

    The Endor and POTF2 AT-ATs are I believe the same tooling and sounds, and I believe it's missing the grappling gun gimmick, but I don't have the Endor one to confirm.

    The point on either Slave I update is a better interior really, at least in my mind that is its major deficiency. That and the lack of a rear hatch.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I would list the AT-AT, Imperial Speederbike and Tatooine Skiff for pretty much the same reasons as everyone has given above.

    Also, the Imperial Shuttle should get remade if for no other reason than to redo the landing gear and get rid of that fugly handle.

    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter - everyone seems to think that the POTF2 mold is adequate, but it's not. It's terrible. Sure it's technically more accurate when compared to the vintage version; but so is the 1995 Darth Vader when compared to the vintage Darth Vader, that doesn't make it a good figure. Vader's TIE needs a complete remake from top to bottom.
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    The Cruisemissile Trooper is the only one I want updated. It needs a removable pilot, with removable helmet.
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    1. The Skiff
    2. Sandcrawler

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    a HUGE sandcrawler with about 4 jawas and a TON of droid parts

    now, *that's* one I'd pay $100 for.


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