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    SA Endor Rebel Troopers

    Could we see all new sculpt Endor Rebel Troopers figures with all the ball jointed from head heals with removable helmets, backpacks, rifles, guns and working holsters?
    All the characters from the Star Wars films needs to be made into figures especially Luke Snowspeeder pilot (new head without cap), Wedge Snowspeeder pilot and the rest of the X-Wings, Snowspeeders, Y-Wings and B-Wings pilots! Biggs Darklighter as X-Wing, all the Jedis and all the Skiff and Sail Barge Guards all needed improvement and movie accurate!

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    You mean ones that sell slightly better than
    or ?

    But honestly, I think they're the gunners/Falcon crew from the deleted scenes in RotJ, not part of the Endor strike team.
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    I would buy a super-articulated Nik Sant but that's probably it. The Ewoks contributed much more to the battle than these guys.
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