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    That's pretty cool. I think the robes should be less shiney and a darker brown but that's just my opinion.
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    i like it
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    I like it to. A very good job on it.
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    looks good
    now make oppo rancisis

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    I would make Rancis but i heard he has a Snake lower section so he might be tough without some refrence pics to go by.
    Right now i got an Arconian Jedi in the works (Creature from the Cantina with a Triangle shaped head).

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    Joe Amaro's Jedi High Council

    If you've never seen the Jedi High Council by Joe Amaro, here are the individual pics for each council member that he has customized.
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    AC, did you use super sculpey on these? They look great!!!
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    I thought Yareal Ploof was the same species as Gasgano and had 4 arms. The lower 2 he keeps under his robes.

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    Originally posted by Sidiously Darth
    AC, did you use super sculpey on these? They look great!!!
    I sure wish that I could say I was the one who made those. But I always give credit where credit is due. Joe Amaro is the one who made them and the Jedi High Council diorama. If the name sounds familiar, he does custom work for Toyfare magazine. In fact, he did the AOTC figures featured in Toyfare before Hasbro came out with theirs.
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    Hi, my name is One and I'm new to this thread. I really want to start to get in to customizing and bulding diadramas. If any one can give me some advice I would be vare thankful. It would be best if you could PM it to me, or just post it and help is good help.
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