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    TPM Ep.1 Customs

    Before Ep.1 came out I saw pictures of a dark red C3-P0 type droid
    But I did not see it in the movie. Anyone know its Number (name)?
    Was it replaced with TC-14?? is my custome:

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    Getting tired of waiting for Hasbro to make a better one so...

    I've made my own Pilot Battle Droid.

    It uses the Armored Scout Tanks Pilot BD's body & head (had to cut off it's nose and the the two things on the back of it's head a little), with the Boomer Damaged BD's arms and legs.

    Gotta love the boil & pop method, it's great for making simple customs.

    Please excuse the sucky picture quality, my camera sucks!
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    That's pretty cool! But, wouldn't it just be easier to paint the boomer damage one blue?
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    I thought it was easier this way since I don't have any blue paint, and I'm not a very good painter.

    I don't really like the head though, I'm gonna try and do something with it so I can use the Boomer Damaged BD's head instead.


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