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    although I saw the pics of Joe's jedi council some time ago, I am impressed every time I see it agian
    they are so detailed done and look JUST like in the movie
    great work

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    Originally posted by OneArmedJango
    Hi, my name is One and I'm new to this thread. I really want to start to get in to customizing and bulding diadramas. If any one can give me some advice I would be vare thankful. It would be best if you could PM it to me, or just post it and help is good help.
    Give the following site a try. It may give you some ideas. Good Luck!

    Niub Niubs Universe
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    Exclamation Yarael

    Poof isn't the same as Gasgano, I think, both have four arms, but Yarael looks alot bigger than Gasgano.
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    I had the pleasure of seeing that diorama up close at Celebration 2! Very nice! There were a bunch of other great dioramas as well. I have some pics if you wanna see:
    [url=]Check Out My Customs[/url]

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    Reptile, thats awesome!!!!!!!
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    i know it's a little late but the qui gon is very cool looking
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    I wanted to add my two cents to this post. I recently finished a custom 3 3/4" Kaadu riding Capt. Tarpals.
    I took the legs from the Jar Jar pack in and put them on a Tarpals torso. I thin kit came out pretty nice.

    There's a pic in the Saga section:Cap'n Tarpals

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    Lman316, thats cool!!!!
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    here is a talking darth maul plush
    no smiley zone!

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    here is a podracer anakin
    no smiley zone!


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