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    ANH Custom Figures

    Post your custom figures for Episode IV: A New Hope in this thread. If you have problems attaching the images, please PM me.
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    An Imperial R5 astromech droid.
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    I don't have any access to post pictures, but i will list the ones that I have made.

    1. BoShek
    2. Ellors Madak
    3. Saurin
    4. Biggs (Academy uniform)
    5. Givins
    6. Davin Felth
    7. Dice Ibegone
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    Okay, first up is R3-T6 the Imperial droid seen rolling around as Obi-Wan creeps around the death star.

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    My newest custom is one-armed Ponda. Mr. Baba had an unfortunate encounter w/ a lightsaber. I'm not 100% finished w/ this one. I think I'm going to line the edge of each stub in red to represent blood. The stump is black b/c of the carterizing affects of the lightsaber. Enjoy!
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    that's one problem I had with the piuc in the movie of ponda's arm: there's blood coming out of it although the wound should be fried close

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    Maybe it had something to do with his physiology. Darth Maul had that cloud/spray of blood? when Obi-Wan cleaved him in half.

    I may just leave it a black stump for now.
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    Look sir, droids!
    Excellent work Jargo and ACPin

    Sidiously Darth, will you be adding magnets to Ponda's arm?

    Keep them coming everyone, customization is a beautiful thing.

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    As of now, no magnets. There is actually a black stump about 1/8" or less that sticks out. That allows for the upper arm to attach to the lower arm. I'll do another scan soon so you can see.
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    if hasbro is doing the cantina 2-packs with bonda baba, wouldn't it be perfect to give him a removable arm with magnet?


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