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    Bumping up A New Hope Customs.

    Some of the links of my customs don't work. In order to see them, click on my homepage button at the bottom. If the custom is not on my website, click on the Photo Album link located on the left of my site.

    Pics of all my customs are stored on my Epson PhotoCenter account.
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    last summer I got an additional Ellorrs Madak so I could make a Banniss Keeg, but the only problem was I needed a Luke in tatooine outfit to do the custom, and since I only had one Luke in that outfit (gunner station) I didn't wan't to use him
    then spring this year, I finally got a loose CTC Luke on ebay for cheap, so I finally decided to do my custom I used the gunner station luke though cause the CTC Luke was too cool to customize
    so long story short, here are the pics
    the first pic shows which parts I used
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    forgot to add this pic
    I took it after I cut up both figs and I thought it was fun to post
    BTW, Banniss isn't that orange in life, the flash kinda made his tunic look orange, though it actually is a light brown with a dark brown wash over it
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    Your paint job is really great on baniss keeg!

    Thanks for those cool pics
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    CAntina aliens...

    hey i've got plenty of customs and actually in the begining of building a full scale cantina for the potf scale figs, i need ideas on customs for the cantina aliens any pics would be nice too, that duros was awsome.


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    Check out for custom recipes and pics. Also, has lots of customs.

    Check out this link on

    It's a roll-call for many of the aliens in the cantina.

    Hope this helps.
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    Here's a little mining droid I need to finish
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    Ponda Boba TAC Custom

    I am considering taking one of my Ponda's from the[FONT=Arial] Mos Eisley Cantina - Scene 2, taking the head off and using the Luke Skywalker Ceremony TAC figure body with some repainting, and creating a TAC level Ponda. So I have some questions:[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial]1. What paint do you guys recommend using for customizing?[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial]2. How should I bore out the Ponda head to fit onto the Luke ball joint neck? Dremel? Drill bit?[/FONT]


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    Anyone ever make a custom Jerba creature? Even if no one has, any ideas of another figure that would make a good base for one? I doubt that we'll ever get an official version of one so I am pondering making one.
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