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    ROTJ Custom Figures

    Post your custom figures for Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in this thread. If you have problems attaching the images, please PM me.
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    Thumbs up

    I don't have any access to post pictures, but i will list the ones that I have made.

    1. Teebo
    2. Paploo
    3. Ak-Rev
    4. Fozec
    5. Arica
    6. Yarna D'al Gargan
    7. Gen. Madine
    8. Imperial Dignitary
    9. Herat
    10. Wokklings
    11. Bubo
    12. Hoover
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    Some baby ewoks from the Ewok celebration diorama.
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    Nice work on the ewoks.
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    I like the one with the Elton John glasses there..very good!!! He was just groovin to the ending ewok celebration music.

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    Cute baby ewoks, good job man!

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    Here's R4-I9 the dark blue Imperial astro droid. I've only ever seen him in books not in the movie but i'm informed that he's in there somewhere and he looked cool so I did him.

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    First ROJ Custom

    I did a simple Rebel Endor Soldier Custom. I used Endor Han's cloak on the Soldier. I cut a piece out in the back so the backpack would fit better. Check it out!
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    Yeah i did a custom.
    Just a head swap. Took the head off of Endor Han and put a Hoth rebel trooper head on.
    (Also repainted the pants brown )
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    Jedi Skywalker w/ Lightsaber Hilt

    I made a simple addition to my POTF2 Luke Jedi. I found one of his green sabers w/ a rather long activation switch. So I drilled a tiny hole in his leg and presto:
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