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    Custom Vehicles, Ships, Accessories

    Post your custom Vehicles, Ships, Accessories in this thread. If you have problems attaching the images, please PM me.
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    Droid Transport

    Here's a rebel Droid Transport that I used in the rebel hangar series.
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    Here is a vintage Tin Pod Cloud Car that I repainted.

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    I meant to say Twin pod Cloud Car. Here's one more pic.

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    Swatter, that looks fantastic! I wish I had painting skills like that, my vintage cloud car looks so bland... now even more so when I see what you did with yours.

    Oh, and here's my Boba Fett Swoop (aka world's cheapest custom ):
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    Control Panel

    Here's what a repainted control panel from the Luke Bacta dlx looks like that I used for the GATs diorama.
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    cool!like the repainted twin pod cloud car swatter
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    That Cloud Car is really nice swatter!!! I need to learn to paint like that. It has a filming model quality to it.
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    Here is Luke's EP1 speeder repainted.

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    Here is another pic.


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