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    Tallest Figure ?.


    Was looking for a little help/confirmation as to what is the tallest figure in the SW line to date.

    I am looking to build a shelved display case and need an idea of sizes.

    My thoughts for tallest were between Amanaman,Vader,IG88 or one of the Chewies.

    Anyone ?.



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    Sorry, but they don't compair to the Graxal (Sp?) figure that comes with the Watto's Box Cenema Sceene. He is the largest (3 3/4) figure ever produced by Hasbro/Kenner. I myself don't have one loose anymore, but I'm sure someone hear does, so they can mesure it for you.

    But if you don't like that one or never plan on haveing it, I'd say that the mechanic Chewy is the tallest. He's to scale, and he is actually standing straight up.

    Just my thoughts, hope it helped
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    Doh !


    I have got the Watto's Cinema Scene but had forgotten about Graxol.

    Anyone else even close ?.


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    I have nearly every figure loose. Graxol (again sp??) is by far the tallest. He's got to be over 6 inches (don't ask how I measured tee hee). He can be seated however, so I don't think you need to create a whole shelf based on this one figure's height.

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    Graxol is 7 and 3/8" tall.Second is the Wampa at 6".I don't know if you count him as a figure though. Next is mechanic Chewie at 5".
    Hope it helps.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Muftak was pretty tall. He's definitely in the top three.

    Who's the shortest? Jawa? Yoda? Tusken kiddie? Salacious Crumb?
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    Thanks EP.I had forgotten about Muftak.
    He's at 4 3/4 "Shorter than Mech Chewie.So if the wampa isn't a figure than he is number three in the top three.Unless I forgot someone else.
    Salacious is the shortest(I think) He's 1 3/8".
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    if the wampa is considered a figure in the 3 3/4 range than the biggest figure would be the rancor monster with jabba in second.
    if not i really don't know i guess the dude from wattos box.

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    Yeah I guess I shouldn't have considered the wampa as a figure.
    The Faamba would be the tallest hands down if that same criteria was used.
    So it goes Graxol,Mech Chewie,and Muftak.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    ev-9d9 and chewbacca are both about
    4 3/4" tall - don't have a graxol


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